The Whole Point: Keep the Eyes Peeled and Always Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

I let the last post in THE *NIXEDBLOG marinate in the minds of the readers.  I understand that people out there were confused.  The punchline of the last entry, the main idea, slipped right by you.  In a sense, it was intentional.  When a vehicle goes from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds, anyone near said vehicle tends to be taken by surprise.  It snuck up on ’em so fast, they didn’t see it coming.  That’s the whole point of the last post.

You see, it is a proven fact that Microsoft did finance political campaigns on both sides  of the aisle in 2000.  When helios asked, “What if?” concerning Linux and Homeland Security, he wasn’t joking.  He was serious.  A wise individual prepares for any scenario and does not allow things to sneak up on them.  Now that I grabbed your attention with the previous entry, allow me to explain a few things that need to be done and soon.

  1. The seeds about FOSS need to be planted in the minds of others who may or may not have heard of such a thing.  I did some research, and I’ll give you an example: I conducted a poll on The PrisonPlanet Forum to gauge how interested people would be in using alternatives to Microsoft-based solutions.  As you can see through the link, people are definitely interested.
  2. An advertising blitz needs to happen now.  I started it, but I need to continue it whenever I can.  Whether it’s advertising on other sites, or in magazines or newspapers or radio or television, it needs to happen right now!  The next item will disturb some individuals, but it needs to be said:
  3. Money needs to be raised, and support of businesses using FOSS would be a wise decision.  Sierra Online and other companies were referred to as The Brotherhood back in the day, and with good reason: The market was not even mature at the time, and by helping each other, they actually prospered better than if each company would have did things on their own.  For example, one computer game group would do a race car game, and another would do an adventure game, thus giving the consumer more variety to choose from.  😀

I understand that some out there may have a problem when money is mentioned.  However, Firefox was shown in the New York Times for one reason: the advertising money was raised for it.  Now how does an ad like this appear in the Washington Post?  Whether you agree with the point of view or not (the publication in question is long dead, and there are those in the political underground who don’t trust Mike Ruppert anyway), it still needs to be understood: money was required to pay for that ad!  It’s a cold hard reality that needs to be understood.

The talent is already coming together via The Tux Project and other sites.  However, money will be required for funding television, radio, and print ads.  Linux needs to be in the minds of mom and dad.  Tux and GNU needs to become household names.  So how?  I’m all ears for now.  Stay tuned though, as I’m thinking of an idea that could potentially work.

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