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Editor’s Note: There has been some issue with this blog as of late, but after a period of time passes (24 hours), everything appears to be fine again.

By Justin Breithaupt

Yahoo Logo  V.S. WordPress

I was going to write an article about Yahoo being broken but then I tried to upload the screenshot to 1and1.com’s blogging thing and got this:

Warning: imageantialias(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /usr/local/oneclick/wordpress/wp-admin/admin-functions.php on line 2274

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/oneclick/wordpress/wp-admin/admin-functions.php:2274) in /usr/local/oneclick/wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 331

What does that mean? I don’t really care anyway all it means is I can’t upload my tiny image to this blog. Time to go with Google’s blogger. Well anyway lets get back to Yahoo.

Why do I use Yahoo.com? I’ve been asking myself that for the past couple years now.

 My Geocities Unlimited Account is limited.  Got a headache yet? Lets start from scratch. A little while ago I could upload large .iso files to my limited server at 100+ kbs via FileZilla. And so I created my website and it worked nicely with my small server space that I was allocated. Then this add poped up on my screen last month that said upgrade to the unlimited account and pay less per month. WOW! Right before I was ready to jump ship from Yahoo they decide to offer not only unlimited mail but hosting! I can’t pass this up. So I put my $12.00 a month down (minimum 3 month payment) for unlimited bandwidth and storrage. Yes thats right! So I begain uploading my Ultumix TM GNU/Linux distro last week. FileZilla stops and tells me I have a disk space error and gives me a link to contact Yahoo. I go to the link and call Yahoo (Almost forgot now I can only upload each file at 30+ kbs max via FileZilla now). A guy answers the phone who has no idea I actually thought my Unlimited account was unlimited. I explain the error and he ups my file space. Yesterday the same thing happens while I try to finish the upload. I call Yahoo again. I’m sorry but we will have to escelate this and you should be back in service by Monday. 🙁 . I told them I need to be able to upload 1 TB per week for my GNU/Linux mirror. They understood.

Now while I had them on the phone I decided to ask them about Yahoo Answers’ GNU/Linux discrimination and why they booted me for answering computer questions with GNU/Linux answers. They could not help me in that departnment but assured me Yahoo is very pro GNU/Linux. ??? I asked who to contact but they could not give me an answer other than e-mailing Yahoo Answers again.

Strike 3. Yahoo is out.

So today I’m at work wanting to read my E-mail for various reasons and guess what? The mail server is down. This happens like every 5 secons and it lasts for 24 hours. WHY! Our company also uses Yahoo’s IM in pidgin to communicate with some customers. So now we can’t communicate and my mail is unavailable. WHY YAHOO DO YOU PLAY THESE GAMES WITH ME WHY? I THOUGHT YOU WERE USING GNU/LINUX SERVERS NOT MICRO$OFT. WHY WHY WHY.

By the way when logged in to 1and1.com I got this error when going back to edit something in this article:


You are not allowed to edit this post.

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