How Ultumix GNU/Linux can save you over $10,000.00 a year and recent news…

How Ultumix GNU/Linux can save you over $10,000.00 a year.

The current Price of Windows Vista Ultimate: $209.99 – $319.99

Microsoft Office 2007 Professional: $500.00

Norton 360 V2.0: $79.99

Quickbooks: $700.00

PC Game Average Price $46.99 x 128 = $6,014.42

Nero CD DVD burning software $59.99

SONY Vegas Movie Studio $89.99

Adobe PhotoShop $624.99

Microsoft Money Plus $59.99

The Bible $10.00

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 $689.99

Adobe DramWeaver $398.99

Synaptic Backup Utility $382.99

Windows Server Enterprise 2008 $2,799.99

Loosing All Of Your Data! $Priceless.00

Total: $12,731.32

These programs would be needed to replace the functionality you get with Ultumix GNU/Linux. Also you could still get Viruses with Microsoft.

Recent News.

Well we have been wanting to start from scratch for a long time now. Ultumix was first based on PCLinuxOS and then (and currently) on Linux Mint KDE 4.0. Now we want to start over and base our distribution on either Ubuntu 8.10 or Slackware with both a KDE interface and Gnome. Basically here is what it is in a nut shell:

The KDE based version will be like the current Ultumix but with more hardware support and it will be less bloated. We also want to make a 64 bit version.

The Gnome based version will have the mac4lin interface so that it will be more friendly for Mac users. If we can get someone to donate a Macintosh computer to us for use we will compile a version for the Mac as well.

We also have the 2008 Olympus Rally Race up and running now where people can view the race and the pictures of the race at .

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