WA State will not represent you against PayPal.com

From: “ATG MI Seattle CRC” <SeaCRC@atg.wa.gov>
To: admin@mindblowingidea.com
Date: 14 Feb 2008 10:31:11 -0800
Subject: A notice from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office


Justin — Breithaupt
PO Box 485
Pomeroy, WA 99347

RE: PayPal
File #: 304741

Dear Justin —- Breithaupt:

As you will note in the attached copy of the response we received,
PayPal declines to make full adjustment of your complaint for the reasons

We realize you may disagree with the firm’s position, but our office
does not have the authority under the law to force a resolution on the
parties. We regret that we are unable to provide further assistance to
you in this situation.

We do not have the authority to represent individuals as their
attorney, nor may we act as a judge or arbiter in individual disputes. You may
want to contact an attorney if you wish to pursue this matter. If you
do not have an attorney, there are six county bar associations that
will provide lawyer referral services.

For referrals to attorneys in:

Snohomish County: (425) 388-3018
King County: (206) 623-2551
Pierce County: (253) 383-3432
Lewis County: (360) 748-0430
Clark County: (360) 695-5313
Thurston County: (360) 705-8194

We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention. Your
complaint will remain a part of our record of this firm’s business practices.

Customer Services Specialist 3

Consumer Protection Division
(206) 389-2743



Now if this was not bad enough the attachment they sent was in Microsoft’s new Office 2007

format that you can’t open in anything else. I believe after reading this that the WA

State Attorney’s Office has been bought off by PayPal.com. It’s their job to protect you.

So why would they deny this protection to PayPal customers? “our office
does not have the authority under the law to force a resolution on the
parties.” They don’t have permission to go against PayPal. WOW!

I can’t tell you what is in the Word 2007 file they sent me and I can’t upload it because

I don’t know what is in it. What I can tell you is Office 2003 told me I had to download

a converter from Microsoft and I did. However the converter was unable to open the file

as well. Sad Our US Government has major computer issues.

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  1. a1b1 says:

    Why do you need a converter? Word 2007 viewer

    I’m pretty sure that “the WA State Attorney’s Office has” NOT “been bought off by PayPal.com.”. It is not another conspiracy. If they say they aren’t able to handle this type of situation, then I suspect that they can’t. If they tell you that you need to get a lawyer, then that’s what you should do. If I recall correctly, this involves a laptop or something that was sent overseas, that will likely make it difficult/costly/impossible to sue or even find whoever scammed you. I also suspect there is something in Paypal’s agreement/rules that does not go in your favor, which is why they aren’t paying, but I don’t actually know.

  2. ranger2 says:

    No need for a viewer either. There’s a plugin for OpenOffice that lets you open DocX’s without any fuss at all.

  3. a1b1 says:

    Suspected there might be something, but never looked, have no use for it myself, just remembered the viewer. I think I remember using a version of it once around 12 years ago, so it’s been around a while.

  4. Is this plugin free to use and redistribute or do you need special permission? I would like to include it in Ultumix. I can’t say who controls what in our Government but I do know that large corporations do control most of the branches of Government and their policies.

  5. a1b1 says:




    Whether these work, or whatever, I don’t know. I just took about 10 seconds on google to find this much.

  6. The problem is that Novell is no longer offering their translation rpm file. The link to it didn’t work. Novell’s edition of OpenOffice.org would probably be the only thing that could open docx files. Other than that, it involves paying money for such a privilege.

    I can understand the frustration either way. The whole confusion with PayPal was over “pass-through FDIC insurance.” Just go listen to the recorded phone calls if you’re curious. Several PayPal employees contradict themselves, thus making things even more confusing. Justin’s not been the first to be shafted by PayPal, and he won’t be the last.

  7. ranger2 says:

    “Novell’s edition of OpenOffice.org would probably be the only thing that could open docx files.”

    That’s a load of crap. It works happily on my PCLinuxOS2007, on Mandriva Powerpack 2008, on Ubuntu so I assume it will work on any distro.

    Instead of asking others to do the job for you and moaning, why don’t you just do some legwork yourself? I am quickly getting fed up with this stance of “gimme, gimme, gimme”.

    Once OpenOffice.org 3 comes out and the native xmlfilter module is ready, odf-converter will be obsolete, says OpenOffice.org hacker Hubert Figuiere. “OdfConverter is an interim solution. We are confident that the OOX importer is already better or that it will be pretty soon.”

  8. I think what Thomas meant was that the docx pluggin for OpenOffice is only legal for corporations that have sold their soul to Microsoft like Novell, Linspire, Xandros, etc.

    Ya I’m going to make it work ok. I’ll put the docx plugin in ther if it’s legal.

    Oh wait you just answered my question. If OpenOffice.org 3 can convert the files then what am I waiting for.

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