I just got out from under PayPal with my new site.

I have been PayPal / ebay Dependant when it came to getting users to buy on my website. I was also Yahoo page builder Dependant because I’m a lousy web page designer and no one will do it for me. I’m using Nvu now and Google Checkout to sell one type of laptop and 3 PCs. Yes I know I need to add more Laptops. I will get on that. In the mean time here is my new site. http://www.mindblowingidea.com/ComputerRescue . If you don’t buy from someone like me you are getting CEMENT = Vista. Believe me you don’t want cement in your PC. I know I don’t.

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  1. libervisco says:

    Good to hear you’re less dependent now, albeit now you depend on Google Checkout. 😉 Lesser of two evils I suppose.

    Anyway, I’d offer to design your web site if I had more time.. It could be very modern looking and Web 2.0-ish. 🙂


  2. I just fixed all the problems in my site and improved it a lot. Let me know if the music is a bit much.

  3. libervisco one problem I’m having is that my feedback from PCLinuxOS forums tell me that they don’t like the Web 2.0-ish site because of loading times and junk. As long as I can do without the flash animations it should be ok. They are ok with the videos but want more screen shots instead. I’m working very hard to get the approval of the Linux community right now and I’m getting no where fast. They tell me they want this removed and that and so I do and then they rate my site worse than they did before. I’m confused. First they say it has too much then they say it has to little. They want a professional looking web site that suits their needs.

    I think today I will reset the pole on how the site looks and let them vote over again. I’m not sure what they will do. They don’t like windows bashing but they do want constructive comments about Windows. I look at their examples they give me and they don’t look much better to me.

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