URGENT! You, your relatives, and friends are in grave danger!

First of all if you don’t know what Piracy is or if it’s wrong take this quiz. 

Yes thats right: you are in grave danger of having 25% of your wages garnished for life or even a prison sentence. I (Justin Breithaupt) was listening to KMBI moody radio to what I thought was one of their usual radio talk shows about online piracy when I heard them saying that people, churches, and businesses have been getting viruses that turn their computer (without their knowledge) into a file sharing server that shares illegal copies of music, movies, etc to people all over the world. One of these entities who were prosecuted against was a lady for having downloaded 14 songs. She explained she had no idea what was going on but that did not stop the court from deciding to sue her -$25,000.00 for the music and because all piracy cases also charge the guilty party for the prosecuting lawyer fees she also owed -$250,000.00. The court decided they would garnish 25% of her paychecks for life. All of this because she was using the Windows operating system which is vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. The people who sent the virus out were not caught to my knowledge and most of them probably are not. So while your PC is being used by hackers as a server you get prosecuted and they get off Scott free! My question to you is after hearing this and understanding the consequences for using a vulnerable OS like Windows will you continue to?

This is just one case of many that have been and are going on. You could be next. Anti virus is not enough and you can’t trust your financial wellbeing and your freedom as a US citizen to a computer program that claims to protect you against all viruses that it knows exist, can you? Many people do without knowing it.

So who makes money from pirated software? Well the companies that sue you do and so do the people that pirated the software in the first place that don’t get caught. These pirates sell copies of CDs and DVDs that contain illegal software, music, and videos. So while you are getting busted Miro$oft, music companies, movie companies, and pirates profit. (this article here shows proof Micro$oft is helping software pirates) Does this sound familiar? It should. We allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. We give illegal immigrants social security. The hard working US citizens lose their social security. Steal from the hard working people and give to the criminals and big corporations. So are the big corporations and people that put these laws and practices in power criminals? I think so. So if Micro$oft, music companies, movie companies, and pirates profit why should they have any incentive at all to stop the viruses that cause you to become a victim of this type of piracy?

By this definition of legal procedures anyone who has received a virus that spreads to other computers should be in jail for spreading viruses.

I’m not saying switch to Mac; I’m saying switch to Linux for free. You don’t have to worry about identity theft, file sharing, zombie processes, slow computer performance, crashes, or lost information from Viruses when you use Linux. You do have to worry about giving your info out on the Internet when you should not but there are also tools for Firefox that will tell you when you are not on a secure site. Yes Firefox still gets cookies and once in a blue moon and I mean a very dark blue moon it gets a Trojan virus but this can be instantly fixed by clicking Tools, Clear all private data, and no more viruses. I’ve only had that problem once in my life in Linux. Porn filters work well in Linux too and even if you don’t look at porn it’s a good way of staying away from temptation. You can add these and more add-ons from www.firefox.com . My favorite is fasterfox which speeds up your Internet.

With all the money you will save from switching to Linux (not paying for software, updates, or computer maintenance) you will have an additional $1,500.00+ a year to spend on legal music CDs, Linux compatible hardware, or whatever you wish. After 183.33 years of savings one person could pay off the $275,000.00 debt this lady has to pay or 4 people could pay it off in 45.83 years or 8 people could pay it off in 22.92 years or 20 people could pay it off in just 9.17 years. A fund could be set up in this manner to help free software pirate victims from Micro$oft. But why pay Micro$oft anything? Micro$oft will just advertise more with the extra income. Why not use some of this money to advertise Linux? By advertising Linux people could free themselves from Piracy. It would be like a stop smoking campaign that the government gives money for. However the Government would not give any money for this.

Being addicted to Micro$oft products is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. I believe the Christian thing to do would be to help spread the truth and make people aware. If you are interested in helping me to start an organization to free those who are innocent software pirate victims and help spread Linux please leave a comment or send e-mail to admin@mindblowingidea.com . Thanks for your support. I’m thinking about using Micro$oft Addicts Anonymous (MAA), Software Pirate Victim Relief Fund (SPVRF), or The Campaign For Freedom (TCF) as a name. Suggestions are welcome.

Here is another example click here.

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  1. “o while your PC is being used by hackers as a server you get prosecuted and they get off Scott free!”

    Ummm…. Justin…. Just to clear up a misconception…. real hackers are not involved in software piracy….. I’ll give you an example of a hacker: Richard Stallman.

  2. Here is a reply I got in an e-mail every other paragraph is a response by me:
    It is important to protect your computers with the proper security software. If one cannot aford commercially priced software, such as McAfee or Norton, then there is always AVG available. Also, McAfee has a free download called Site Advisor. It will identify potentially dangerous sites. It’s a great tool.
    AVG, McAfee, and some others use to be good with the exception of Norton but these programs themselves are now targeted by viruses. I have put AVG, AVAST, SPYBOT, and CLAMWIN on computers to try to protect them. First a virus infiltrates the system threw some site the user goes to such as myspace or their e-mail. This virus disables Spybot and AVG. Now your computer is not protected against Trojans, or spyware. So AVAST and CLAMWIN really can’t do much unless they are manually activated. Then there is a downward spiral. Users don’t notice that spybot is not in their task manager any more and that AVG is not working. They think the slow down is normal because with windows fragmentation naturally slows the system down. This break down usually takes place in less than 12 months from when I install the antivirus and yes I set it up to automatically scan, update, and enable all of the other features that are not enabled by default. Not to mention the Virus that Microsoft just sent out. I have had enough frustration with it. What Virus? Well it’s an update that makes it so after a system repair of XP you can’t do your updates. I call that a virus. It does not affect any of Microsoft’s new software like Vista. Microsoft has done the same thing with the XBOX 360. If you update your old games threw the internet only the new games work. I call this a virus.
    I agree that Linux is a far better operating system, but the hard facts are that businesses do not run on Linux, yet. The applications just aren’t there. When Open Office (Star Office) is more compatible with M$ Office, then we will look at it. For now, Linux just is not ready for prime-time.
    Well actually 90% of businesses world wide use Linux on their servers, check out counters, and other devices but do not use Linux on their other computers like the ones they mix paint with or do office work with. However in order to run Windows (which the users are addicted to) they have to run a Linux emulator on top of Windows to communicate with the server and run the Linux apps for inventory. If you haven’t noticed IBM, Novell, HP, DELL, and many other companies sell primarily Linux servers. As for being able to run software on Linux almost all Windows 2000 compatible software can be ran on Linux under wine. And if not it can be ran under VMWare faster than it runs on the computer directly. Yes this requires a Windows license to use VMWare in this way but don’t you already have Windows licenses for XP? Besides by using a virtual computer you can back up the entire virtual drive so that in case something should happen to your virtual machine you can just load a backup. As for the applications not being there yet have you tried PCLinuxOS 2007 yet? Open the Synaptic repository and look under the sections after reloading the repository. You will find over 6999+ programs that do math, accounting, business management, and many other programs and functions. I use it for my school work. If the program is not in the synaptic package manager you or a Linux GuRu can download source code and compile other programs that have been made from the net. Uubntu claims to have over 77,000+ programs in it’s repo. Not that I like using Ubuntu but thats just to give you an idea of whats available.
    As to your mention of the lady who downloaded the music, I don’t recall that she is totally innocent. Here is the problem with P2P software. By default they install with a folder that is shared. The user can elect to not share downloaded files, but the election has to be made. So she probably downloaded the 14 songs not realizing that she has just setup a sharing point for the rest of the P2P world. Then into the picture comes the music industry and discovers all of the traffic taking place and sues accordingly. So I do NOT believe that there was any sort of virus there.
    According to the information I heard on KMBI a lot of people not just her are getting malware and viruses that actually download P2P software and initiate it remotely without the user’s permission. They said that churches, businesses, and other people are getting these P2P viruses like crazy and that it’s really serious because the FBI is tracking these IP addresses that act as P2P servers and the problem is that when they get discovered it’s not them who set it up in the first place. The lawyer who was representing this woman did not seem to make any mention of this so he probably did not know.
    Anyway, this is a balanced approach to your post.

  3. Most hackers are good people but as far as the people who Hack (verb) into a computer and take it over and use it as a P2P these people who Hack are Hackers. You can call them Terrorists because they are bad Hackers but they are still hackers.

    This name has been argued over for a long time. I’m a hacker. I hack into people’s computers and recover their data for them including lost passwords. A lot of people see that as bad too. I even (with permission) take control of computers in other countries that need to be fixed from my computer.

  4. You might want to search for Freedom Downtime and while you’re at it…. get a subscription to 2600. There is no such thing as a good or bad hacker. Either you are or you aren’t. If the morals aren’t there, you aren’t.

  5. Then what are you if you are not?

  6. Defacer, criminal, etc…..

  7. So someone can’t be a criminal hacker? Like a criminal that’s also a pastor?

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