Project Penny Bag Update and More!

Well, I got a measly 8 pennies today……………………

…….along with 2 nickels, 5 dimes, and 2 dollars!

Last time: $1.33

Collected today: $2.68

Total: $4.11

Yes, I have given pennies and whatever isn’t a quarter to this effort whenever I could. However, a good majority of the donations are coming from other people. Yes, I get odd looks at first, but…. There are those who are quite generous out there, so….. Yeah. 😀

When they heard about Komputers4Kids, I kept hearing things like, “Oh, cool!” Now that’s what I find amazing in and of itself. I’ll keep trying for the rest of this week, though it will be challenging, seeing as how a three day weekend is coming up. Again, imagine if three others are doing this right now, and they even got the same amount that I do now. Imagine the impact it could have, especially if instead of three, it was 20 or more! So what do you say? Are you willing to do this? Why not give it a shot? All it takes is a cup that people can drop change into (and emphasize pennies, as they are easily parted with… but also accept other coinage as well). 😉

On another note, and this is kind of ironic (don’t ask why, I’m not getting into it here….), I do have plans on taking a look at this distribution. Why? I looked at a brief video tutorial, and it reminded me of Windows 95, and all under 100 MB too if memory serves. Why, this could bring a Pentium II desktop system back to life (have to pick it up). Why not my old Dell Optiplex GXi? If it could boot a CD, I’d be trying it on that right now. Oh well, what a way to end the night, eh? Remember, to overcome fear, the most irrational feeling of all….

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  1. Femacamper says:

    Puppy Linux rox the box!

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