More Pennies Just In!

This is a progress update to Project Penny Bag.

Cache from last time: 69 Pennies!

Pennies collected today: 24!

I have a total of 93 pennies already.  Now, add a dime to that, and I already have $1.03!  In two days.  Oh yeah!  Things are progressing much more quickly than I originally thought.  Here is an addendum to those who want to duplicate this effort to help out Lobby4Linux or any other group for that matter: If someone offers a nickel, dime, quarter, or more willingly, go ahead and accept, as every little bit helps.  Keep in mind that you’ll primarily have pennies anyway.  I’ll add a few more to the pile from my own pocket as well.

93 Pennies

3 Dimes (one from another person today and two of my own)

2 Nickels

Total: $1.33

Add another penny to that, and I’d be able to give ’em an entire dollar right now, but… I want them to get a little more than that from me, so let’s keep things going.  😀

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