Project Penny Bag is a Go!

A new project has begun. It has begun by myself, and if anyone wants to repeat this process, let me know. Anyway, here’s how it will work.

  1. Starting today, I myself will have a plastic cup for people to throw their pennies into. At the end of the day, I’ll throw them into a plastic bag, and save the cup for the next day.
  2. I will do the collection for 30 days, starting today. As a student in college, I may very well run into people who would be more than happy to give up their pennies (and others too… there are those out there who can’t stand pennies, especially since where a vending machine is concerned, they’re useless).
  3. On November 6, I’ll have the money deposited into a bank account, and the exact amount from those pennies will be immediately sent to Lobby4Linux for the purpose of boosting the Komputers4Kids project being done by helios and friends.

Yes, helios is an incredible person, who has had multiple bouts with illness and sickness etc, etc…. He has managed to battle his way through it all, and even survived a virtual scathing that was completely uncalled for. However, he won’t be around forever. Nobody ever is, so there needs to be more who can and will step up to the plate, or take the ball and run with it so to speak. I will have a cache of pennies already saved up, and I’ll give it to everyone at the end of the day.

So would you like to participate in this as well? It’s really quite simple, and you don’t have to tell me about it if you don’t want to. All you have to do is have a plastic cup of your own that can hold a decent amount of pennies (I’ll leave that up to your judgment) and collect them for a day. A couple of possible ways to get people donating exists of course:

  • Have a piece of paper that reads, “Hate pennies? Throw ’em in here!”
  • Have a piece of paper that reads, “Support Lobby4Linux today in their efforts of promoting FOSS!”

I’m sure there are other ways of doing it for now. On my end, I’ll give everyone a progress report, and we’ll see how far it goes. No matter what I have, on the 6th of November, I’ll donate what I have, unless it is less than two dollars (in which case, I’ll keep what I have and donate a larger amount later). Make sure it is more than two dollars to cover the PayPal Fee, and of course make sure they get at least one dollar. So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Start your engines!

 Update: I have obtained a cache of pennies over the weekend as well as a few of them today, so everything’s off to a decent start.  Here’s what I have thus far…

Cache: 57

Collected Thus Far Today: 12

I have a total of 69 pennies thus far.  I’ll keep everyone posted as to how many I have collected so far.  On November 6, I will donate what I have (as long as it is two dollars or more) to Lobby4Linux

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