Please Support Aftermath Technologies.

James of of Aftermat Technologies who runs the ACCRC in California is an incredible person delivering an amazing gift… no, an absolutely awesome miracle to this country.  They still face some obstacles, so if you can, please go to their site, and give some support financially.  Also, you may feel free to comment on his blog as well, but please… be nice.  I made a mistake once of posting without thinking, and I offered an apology in one of his posts.  However, being rude and insulting towards an individual who is facing some tough times from state bureaucracy is not only petty, but completely uncalled for.

Also, I understand that James is a true human being who humbles himself often.   I understand wanting other living beings to live before oneself does.  However, if we as a people on this planet can not take care of ourselves, then what good are we to the rest of the world?  That is why I disagree with the assessment concerning CNN Heroes.  There is a minor caveat however: it should not take the likes of CNN, ABC, FOX, or any of the other mainstrean media outlets to determine who is heroic.  We already know that this person is a hero to those less fortunate.  It’s incredible really.  Either way, he does need all the positive support he can get right now, so again, whether it’s positive feedback on his blog, or a financial donation, any form of support will go a long way.

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