Ok Microsoft I’m Calling You Out!

Ok Microsoft I’m Calling You Out!

First of all I just recognized your scheme, my question is how long have you been doing this? First I noticed that you released a Virus for the Windows XP OS https://nixedblog.thenixedreport.com/?p=79 to try to get people to move to Vista, now people report that when they update their XBOX 360s their old games like gears of war either won’t work or give them a Red Ring of Death. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56-gQq62Hyc The question isn’t if you are trying to make your customers want to use your new products over old ones it’s why you feel you have to sabotage your old products to encourage use of the new ones.

Microsoft Admits Halo 3 Caused Xbox Live Glitches

Microsoft you should be put in jail for your crimes against your customers. I have had customers who had Windows XP Pro installed on their computers and after you sent out your Virus I could not do the updates after a repair install. Not only did I loose a customer because they thought I was incompetent because I was unable to fix the problem because I was unaware of the solution at the time but I have also lost my faith in your company all together. You like to get users to agree to having their computers spied on when they click I agree and install Vista. My question to Microsoft is why should we trust you?

I await your response.

Microsoft’s Response will be shown here.

I got a responce and replied to it.

“Peter” wrote:

> The ‘stealth updates” were updating the “Windows Updater” that’s all, pure
> and simple, and blown out of all proportion mainly by the Windows
> haters/Linux freaks and media that needed something to bite on.

I agree they updated the windows updater and caused an error so that any
time you do a System Repair on an XP install you can’t download any updates
and the stealth updates were done without permission. I have seen this happen
on my customers computers as well. Whenever I try to do a repair and do
updates it won’t work after the stealth update. You are forced to use ZDnet’s
Windows Virus removal instructions to remove this Virus.

> The six month extension is because retailers demanded that XP OEM
> availability be extended as people still wanted it. (Note it referred to
> OEM only)

Right because Users are tired of being forced to use Vista.

> XP still has plenty of time left in its life cycle.

Thats right XP is ok. It’s not the best OS out there but it is much much
better than Vista for several reasons: drivers, compatibility, stability just
to name a few. The only advantage Vista has as an OS is that if you don’t
install any Microsoft software on it or use any Microsoft software on it and
use all open source you don’t get viruses. Programs like Microsoft outlook or
Live Mail get viruses. MSN Explorer gets viruses. Internet Exploder gets
viruses. So as long as you stay away from these apps and even Office 2007
your fine. Thats the improvement. Vista is still too slow and I don’t like
being spied on. Being spied on slows down my PC as well. I understand
Microsoft wanting to make sure I’m not using any pirated software but by
monitoring my computer all the time they are crazy.

> I use both systems quite happily and have no problems with either one.

Oh well I guess you are lucky.

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  1. Hey Justin. I moved your URL you provided into a hyperlink in the last sentence of your blog post. Long links and blogs don’t get along real well layout-wise.

  2. The reason I’m putting this here is because I don’t want to fill up the blog with it and at the same time I want to document what happens before Microsoft gets rid of this post.

    No business would ever likely acknowledge a question like that in a private
    conversation or a public venue without having their lawyers pick it apart…
    Mostly because it is more of a theological question (“… why should we
    trust you?”) that is already obviously ‘loaded’ to lean towards making them
    look morally in the wrong.

    I tried to look at the links you gave and the first one I expected some
    reference to some virus – as that seem to be where you were going – but I
    found nothing like that and more like random rantings with comments from
    others – if you scrolled *up*… If you went straight where you linked, it
    started out:

    Responses to “A report on Ubuntu LoCo. 09/28/07”

    Was that supposed to be something else?

    The second one at least had some logic to it… Although I have no idea why
    anyone buys the XBOX 360 anyway. heh

    The problem is that you are asking instead of acting. Asking questions but
    continuing to purchase and support the products you question the
    trustworthyness of is not really effective. However – if that is what you
    wish to do – feel free.

    You could ask ‘pre-sales’ questions – see if they answer…

    You could give your opinion on things here:

    Technical support on Windows Updates are free via email…

    Start a free Windows Update support incident request:

    Support for Windows Update:

    Going by the video – support in GB for XBOX 360s…

    Shenan Stanley

    So now we know where to send complaints to everyone!

  3. Here is another reply I got and I replied to them as well:

    If the stealth updates were just FUD then why did it work? Why is there actual proof both on my customer’s computers and on others that it really does work? Why won’t XP do windows update after you do a repair install? This never happened before on a regular basis. Why now?

    “PA Bear” wrote:

    > The “stealth updates” issue was FUD. See this discussion:
    > http://aumha.net/viewtopic.php?t=29171
    > PC World reports that MS has admitted to some unanticipated Xbox problems
    > after Halo3 is installed:
    > http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,137852-c,games/article.html
    > —
    > ~PA Bear

  4. PA Bear wrote:
    > See the Cause section of http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943144
    To expand – here is the ’cause’ section.
    This problem occurs because of how the Windows XP repair operation replaces
    Windows system files. When you repair a Windows installation by using a
    Windows XP CD, the repair operation performs both of the following
    •It replaces all the Windows system files with the corresponding files from
    the CD.
    Note – This includes the Windows Update files.
    •It restores the Windows registry.
    The latest version of Windows Update includes a file that was not available
    in the release version of Windows XP. This file is named Wups2.dll.
    Therefore, after the repair operation is complete, the following situation
    •The Wups2.dll file remains on the computer.
    •The registry entries that correspond to this file are missing.
    Because the registry files that correspond to the Wups2.dll file are
    missing, update installations are unsuccessful.
    Seems pretty straight forward to me. Windows Update has evolved in the 5+
    years since Windows XP was originally released and now includes a file that
    it did not originally. This file has to be ‘registered’ for the latest
    rendition of Windows Updates to function properly – but it is not after a
    repair install – because even Windows XP SP2+ CDs do not have what is
    necessary to register this file – they (the CDs) simply do not know of this
    Windows Update file’s existence. Since this is a relatively new file –
    that’s why this now happens, as you put it, on a more regular basis.

    Shenan Stanley

    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
    Ok but how come when Windows Update is off Microsoft just puts this on your
    computer without your permission? I want to read every update from Microsoft
    to make sure it does not have DRM. There are now 3 updates I will not
    Oh ok. If it’s not stealth then what do you call it when a company changes
    your product after they sell it to you without your permission. Say you turn
    off auto update and they do it or lets just say you buy a car from FORD and
    you bring it home. It drives great. While you are at work a FORD mechanic
    comes out to your car in the parking lot. He goes under it and replaces a
    part that is high quality with one that is slightly less quality and will
    break down sooner. He leaves. You start your car. It works fine. When you
    take your car to get an oil change it suddenly wont work and the mechanics at
    jiffy lube can’t figure it out. They go to ZDnet and read about a discovery
    of how FORD has been replacing the parts on cars without permission. They
    find out that by changing the part to the old one everything works. But as
    soon as it leaves and you go back to work the FORD guy comes again and
    replaces it just like every time you connect to the internet. If thats not
    called stealth then is it called underhanded? Deceitful? Wrong? Secretive?
    What is it?
    “PA Bear” wrote:
    > > If the stealth updates were just FUD then why did it work?
    > Calling it a “stealth” update was the FUD, not the update itself.
    > > Why won’t XP do windows update after you do a repair install?
    > See the Cause section of http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943144
    > —
    > ~PA Bear

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