Almost did the special characters again, but…. take a look at this and you’ll see why I almost did.  I know there are those who are turned off by politics, but this person is not your ordinary dark horse.  You see, this individual is raising money faster than expected.  The goal for this quarter was to raise $500,000.  With a mere few days away, the Ron Paul campaign has decided to up the anty so to speak… to $1 Million!

Keep an eye on this person.  That’s all for now.

2 Responses to “HOLY [MACROL]!”

  1. Is he Democrat or Republican?

  2. Before I answer that question… I want to clarify some of this individual’s positions as they are quite interesting…

    1.) He is against the war in Iraq.

    2.) He is opposed to the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, etc……… Any legislation that is a danger to the Bill of Rights and Constitution in general.

    3.) At the Google event in which he was interviewed by one of the bigwigs, he was asked about gay marriage…. His response was interesting. He cited the 1st Amendment and freedom of association stating that people could call said association whatever they wanted (fascinating).

    4.) He wants the war on drugs to end (because it isn’t working).

    Now would you think this guy was a leftist Democrat? You may be surprised that he’s trying to win the Republican nomination…. He is the only Republican against the war in Iraq running for President. Now why did I state some of his views before answering your question?

    If we’re to improve our lot, we need to expand our horizons and get outside of the box so to speak. That includes avoiding simplifications in government in terms of left or right, liberal or conservative (take a closer look… it could be argued that the two actually work hand in hand… believe it or not), Democrat or Republican (or as some may state, Republicrat or Demopublican).

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