Microsoft’s Religion

Yes thats right Microsoft has a religion. A belief that if everyone believed in Microsoft and standardized the world to their standards of DRM and business principles the world would be a better place for us all. It all starts here with Bill Gates himself. Following Bill Gates statement we find several references to a Microsoft Religion.

“To me, the most critical thing in the hobby market right now is the lack of good software courses, books and software itself. Without good software and an owner who understands programming, a hobby computer is wasted. Will quality software be written for the hobby market? … The fact is, no one besides us has invested a lot of money in hobby software. We have written 6800 BASIC, and are writing 8080 APL and 6800 APL…” (translation because we invest more money than anyone else into software it has to be better and any other software is a waste.)

“To them there is only one true religion — Microsoft and NT. They’ve been drinking the poison punch — which is their problem. But then they hypocritically run around and call everyone else zealots.

Zealot: A fanatically committed person. A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm for a cause. Blind faith in a point of view, and an unwillingness to consider or concede to alternatives.

So who is more the zealot? The person that is fighting for more choice, or the person who is fighting to eliminate it?”

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“I’ve been reading Scoble since I arrived at the blogsphere, mostly as a news source: A human filter who filters the news so that it might not alter my faith in Microsoft Religion, add some opinions of his own, and boldly debunk some of the facts that could make the heretics lure out the faithful.” found at

Ross noted that people have placed their faith in Microsoft Windows.” found at

Here is a good one

“Microsoft Zealots would support you, but…

Microsoft Zealots would support you, but they are too busy rebooting, reloading, and reformatting.

Atleast I seem to be. I deleted a couple icons from my start menu and now I have lost rights to most of my control panel options. OS X doesn’t seem to do this. Not saying that Apple has a superior OS, just that their OS doesn’t appear to have this problem.” from ZDNET 

 “Re: “the Microsoft zealots”

IMO, based on 15+ in the I.T. world, most corporate “Microsoft zealots” are not people that truly love Microsoft. They are people who know very little about anything else. Their evangelism of Microsoft is more a case of personal survival than a belief that a MS product is the best choice for a particular project. On the other hand, there are few Mac/Linux fans that aren’t already very familiar with MS.

There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of a particular type of software as long as you give priority to the needs of your customers (even if they are the users in your company).

If you do, then you will find yourself using Linux, Macs, and/or Windows, if you select best in class for your projects.”

From ZDnet 

This reminds me of a fictional race of people known as the borg. They had faith that resistance to their ways was futile and that they would rule the universe. They were incapable of thinking otherwise. They continued to spread like locusts and forced their will on others. Their blind faith in their accomplishments was in vein. This is similar to the Titanic and other forces at work. Even when Microsoft has their doubts they paint on a smiley face on the outside.

Perhaps Microsoft’s religion is similar to that of the Germans in World War I and II who believed that if any of them who doubted or found fault with the new German ideals would be terminated? In any case a belief that any organization dominating the world will bring peace is a false belief as has been proved threw ought history. Now Microsoft is pushing a global internet company idea.

So there you go chew on that and get back to me.

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