A Chance to Start the Redemption.

If you look at the blog, there is one missing post, and for a good reason. What I did lacked professionalism, and I was rightfully slammed for it. Take note to whoever reads this blog: Until further notice, I will no longer submit my own content to LXer.  To any other authors of this blog, present and future, I don’t care if you submit content of your own to them.  It’s your words, not mine.  You should feel free to do whatever you wish with what you write.  I just ask that you not submit any of my content to LXer.  Why? Instead of promoting myself, I need to earn the privilege of being promoted by others. The only way that is going to happen is to start working harder on what I am doing and to stop procrastinating. So, since I did so much damage, why not try to do some good to start making up for it?

First Up, ACCRC!

What is it you ask? ACCRC stands for Alameda County Computer Resource Center. It is an organization that accepts old electronics from computers that they in turn use to make systems for those who are in need of one. That means those old Dell OptiPlex systems have a place to go. Due to recent events, they are now accepting donations via PayPal. With any growing organization, new expenses may arise, especially ones that sneak up in the most unexpected way. So, check these guys out and please, please, please….. Help them out financially by clicking the PayPal button on their site.

Next, Lobby4Linux Has a Shot at Doing Some Real Good!

I mean, even more so than ever!  Imagine walking into a store, and finding disks with distributions of Linux-based Operating Systems to purchase at a nominal fee.  helios is setting up a disk drive of sorts, but they need your help to get it off the ground.  It’s not like he can spend anymore of his money.  Why?  It’s called having a family that will murder you if you reach into their communal wallet one more time……  😉

Their target is $550.   Just go to this site here, and look for the logo shown below.  Note that in order to make sure they get exactly $1 (the idea being to get 1 a month), they added 34 cents to cover the PayPal fee.  So if you want to give more than a buck, just edit it after you hit the donate button.

Lobby4Linux BuckAMonth Logo

 And while you’re at it, check out what helios has to offer on his site.  Helios Solutions is a group that will help other people to install alternatives to Microsoft solutions onto their computers.  He has had some very rave reviews so far.  For those who are a little too scared to install said alternatives on their own, give him a jingle.  He will be able to help you out.  😀

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