First CD-ROM Issue coming…

I have officially added a link to my blog on the main site.  You gotta love 1and1 for providing blogging through WordPress.  I tried it long ago, and liked it.  I’ve been experimenting with it ever since as you can tell.

Anyway, I am currently working on the First CD-ROM Issue, which I plan on putting the following on the CD-ROM itself:

  • Webzine: HTML Version of the magazine that navigates like a web site.
  • E-zine: PDF version converted from HTML through  Makes it easier to print it out and pass on to others.
  • Free Software for Windows Users: As in freedom (and beer…).  This will probably include codecs for OGG and Theora, OpenOffice (with permission of course), web browsers, e-mail, etc….  Whenever appropriate, I’ll ask for permission.  Also, I may include source code or links to the source code.  For those stuck on Windows, they can at least get a taste of what Free Software is all about.  😉
  • All my radio shows up to this point in OGG format.  Copy and distribute widely.  😀
  • Music from Indy Artists (with their permission of course).

Here’s where you come in.  I do plan on selling this thing of course, and I plan on doing it myself.  The question is, what do you think would be a fair price for this thing.  I’m stuck with the following at the moment and can’t decide:

  • An even $5 USD (that .99 stuff annoys me).
  • $4.99 (It’s annoying, but marketing research has indicated that the .99 stuff makes things sellable).
  • $6
  • $6.99
  • $5.99

You get the idea.  So I’ll ask you.  Just drop me a line: and tell me what you think.

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