Today, September 11 Will Be Remembered for a New Reason!

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Groups like WeAreChange are very interesting, and some of what they have had to go through in the past couple of days is going to be precisely what you and I and everyone else promoting Free and Open Source Software are going to be facing. From being threatened with authoritative disciplining (in their case, Alex Jones getting arrested due to the FOX News Crew being a bit upset at the signs actually showing up in the background… and it was funny how they tried covering the signs up by moving people to a different point on their little stage… it didn’t work) to having your voice silenced due to corporate influence by the likes of Microsoft (they had to deal with News Corp that day as Chiefs of FNC wanted the loudest of voices Saturday night to be gotten rid of… it still did not work).

I drew the parallel I did for a good reason: To help you understand the obstacles that need to be overcome. The time for debate is over. What needs to happen now is action. Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

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  1. Hey I have a question. What were the charges he was arrested for and can you post a link to the story he gave on Open Source software and the article of where he was arrested. Thanks.

  2. For starters, take a look here, then wash your eyes with acid afterwords. Rivera flipped the bird and was caught on camera:

    Next, Alex Jones was arrested for using an audio device (his voice) without a permit (how dumb is that?). He did not do a story on open source software. He was demonstrating with We Are Change Saturday night in New York City. Signs questioning the official 9/11 narrative were seen on FOX News, and Rivera could not cover it up.

    Here’s a link to a data page concerning Alex’s adventures in New York as of right now.

    To clarify, I am simply drawing a parallel between We Are Change, and the promotion of FOSS in general. The whole point: many of the same obstacles, such as mass media blackout, threats to silence you, etc… will have to be overcome.

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