Progress Report: Deadlined at Deadline Live…

No big deal.  I’ll have to try Midnight Rider tonight.  I’ll try Deadline Live again when I have more time available.  For people who want ways to tailor arguments to any target hosts, here’s some talking points:

  •  Those who are in the “Conservative” or “right wing” crowd: A lot of them will prefer stuff in America and more, believe it or not.  Here’s how you can attempt to convince them to talk about Linux.  Every time that you pay for a Microsoft product, that money goes straight out of the country, whether it is tech support in India or giving away copies of Windows Vista in China.  In other words, the corporation is attempting a major loss leader business-wise, and they are trying to make people in this country pay for it.  Once the market share is established, those in the freebie zone per se will be punished.  If it happened here in America with Windows 95, it will happen with Windows Vista in China and other countries.
  • The “liberal” or “left wing” crowd: A lot of stories have been available concerning wiretapping and backdoors in computers.  Vista was “evaluated” by NS&A, the same group who apparently did a bunch of wiretapping, which has come under scrutiny.  Put civil liberties and enabling people to become the media.
  • The stick it to the man variety: Very easy!  Use a Matrix analogy.  I don’t care.  Here’s the deal.  Ask them, “If you’re gonna stick it to The Man, why are you using their restrictive tools, when you can break through the limits?”

Those are three talking points for a potential generic audience.  It doesn’t matter who the host is, but… make sure you do your research before calling into a show, and research the guest that they may have.  That way, you can tailor the argument to where they can relate to it.  😉

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