Radio Talk Show Blitzing Progress Report: The Power Hour.

After being on hold for several, several minutes, I finally got through to an operator, and luckily, I was the first caller, as well as a first time caller to the program.  I have not had the opportunity to listen to their show as much as I need to listen, but go ahead and check these guys out: they’re very interesting, and one thing they are not is boring.  They are very entertaining, and that’s the whole point of the magazine and site here: entertain first, so everything else is enjoyable.

The Power Hour broadcasts in Versailles, Missouri, and today’s show had a guest by the name of Stan Deyo, who is very, very fascinating.  His wife, Holly, has a book called Prudent Places USA as well.  They were talking somewhat about preparedness and survival, and the perfect talking point came to mind: a lot people would love to prepare for a disaster just in case, but…. they’re busy wasting their money on an Operating System and applications that prohibit, not increase, their productivity.  I’m talking about Windows Vista and Office 2007.

I asked them if they would cover Linux in future shows, and Joyce Riley told me to send them some information, which I am about to do.  Wish me luck.  Next target: Jack Blood.

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