And So it Begins

I am about to start something very important for FOSS.  Will you join me?

Welcome back everyone.  If you didn’t get a chance to do so, read the latest post from helios entitled, “Cutting the Velvet Chain.”  It was newly revised and updated, with Serendipity, which apparently screws with a thing or two on one’s own blog.  I know how that is.  Recently, 1and1 did an upgrade of WordPress (or at least, got rid of their 1and1 theme), thus causing me to have to re-enable Rich Text style editing, which is what I liked about WordPress in the first place.  Oh well, I digress.

The important thing that needs to be said now is quite simple: The work starts now.  The Tux Project is a good place to go and look at ideas and chime in on your opinion.  Brainstorming sessions are a great idea, and I hope many ideas come out of that Project.  I capitalized the P for a good reason… it’s a very important project.  However, action must follow the ideas.  I came up with an idea of my own, and I’m not going to throw it into the Tux Project ring.  Why?  It’s simple: Teamwork.  If too many people are throwing ideas into the ring and are not following through with any of them, everything stops dead in its tracks eventually.  Not good.  I have an idea and a plan, and I’m following through with it.  Multiple actions are required in order to succeed in the promotion of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).  Brainstorming is one of them.

The plan I’m promoting is quite simple: planting the seeds.  I have done so here, here, and here.  The next part of the plan is to start doing it on a bigger scale.  How?  The people on all three of those links, two of them being from the same site, have not only migrated away in some instances, but have also expressed interest.  These are people who are the “Stick it to the Man” variety.  How can they do so if they’re using The Man’s software and applications.  So starting tomorrow, I’ll be giving a certain radio talk show a call, and I’ll let people know how things go.  I am also calling for other people to contact radio talk show hosts, no matter their leanings.  It’s very easy to tailor your argument to their point of view, which I will elaborate on within a few days.  For now, go to this site:

And look at the list of talk show hosts they have.  The call in number for most of their programs are 1-800-259-9231!  I will be starting with The Power Hour tomorrow by calling in and suggesting that they start talking about FOSS.  If you listen to other forms of radio, such as mainstream AM/FM, XM, or Sirius, call in to their shows.  I don’t care if it’s Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh.  I don’t care if it’s Fox Radio or Air America!  People need to know that they do in fact have a choice in what software can run on their computers!  You already have the tools to convince most of these hosts to seriously think about it.  Now, I have one question to end, which is the same one when I began: Will you join me?

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  1. thematrix says:

    Where do I sign up? And what do I have to do? 🙂

  2. Okay, I sent off an e-mail to you. Take note: All first time comments are moderated by me to prevent spam etc… After you’re approved, you’ve got free reign to comment whenever you want (just log in etc).

    All you have to do is call in to your favorite radio talk show. I don’t care who it is, you can easily tailor the argument to the host and guest they have on (it takes creativity and imagination… look at the progress report for The Power Hour). I don’t care if it’s Bill O’Reilly or Al Franken. I could care less if it’s Fox Radio or Air America. It doesn’t matter if it’s NPR or GCN or RBN, or TNR, or Revere Radio. Call in! Hey! It doesn’t even matter if it’s Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones. Call in to the show(s) of your choosing and ask about the host in question if they would cover Linux and Free and Open Source Software in the future. In the next post, which will come pretty soon, I’ll set up details to give out to the host and to e-mail to them for information. 🙂

  3. lcafiero says:

    Thomas —

    Great work, and by all means I support what you’re doing with your media contact project.

    I understand the need to get things done, and I thank you for recognizing The Tux Project for its efforts in trying to coalesce a wide range of thoughts into a coherent movement going forward. However, I think you’re selling the project short when you say it’s just a place for brainstorming ideas.

    Bear in mind that getting an organization like this up and running is akin to having people working in unison in a three-legged race, but instead of two people with one ankle tied together, this team has thousands of people with pairs of ankles tied together trying to move forward. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No, but it takes, as you say, teamwork.

    Athletes go prepared into the games they play, just as armies go prepared into battles that they fight. Preparation is a key component to success, and that’s part of what we’re working on at The Tux Project.

    I salute you for doing the work you do, and I’m proud to support you and do what I can to help you. What I ask of you is that you bear in mind that a project that is the size of The Tux Project takes preparation — which we’re working on and invite you to help — and cooperation as fellow “team members” with other projects, like yours.

    Larry Cafiero
    Open Source Reporter
    Member, The Tux Project

  4. Larry. Thank you very much for your input. The reason why I am simply kick starting everything is simple: I’ve seen what has happened in other movements of the political underground scene. They kept talking about needing leaders or organizing better, but they never once took any action. I know the Tux Project is all about organization, and that is an excellent idea. However, team work does not mean working on one thing and only one thing. I will pop in every now and then give suggestions on existing projects. I should have said this: “I won’t be throwing this idea into their ring… yet!”

    As they say, never say never. They are working on one end. I am working on another end. One good idea would be to observe the blog posts I make and suggest appropriate solutions to where I screw up, and I already have twice in one sitting. I know this. I need to do some better research on the host in question and any guests in question.

    Don’t think of me as a lone wolf. I’m trying to get the wheels turning. Everything must start somewhere. I’m beginning the activity and learning from it first hand as well as other people (misconceptions to dispel and everything else) while the Tux Project is getting settled and prepared. The more groups there are, the better, even if they are only two to three people in size. I meant no offense to The Tux Project, which is a good idea, and I would love for people to go to that site, sign up, and check out what’s going on. I also recognize that action needs to happen now as well. Make no mistake, I will start plugging Linux Day. You can bet top dollar on that (and of course donate that to FOSS projects… lol).

    After doing a few more talk shows, I’ll pop back in and throw it out as a suggestion to see if everyone would like that idea. I am beginning to develop the idea and I’m doing things hands on so to speak, which is why I’m doing that. Thank you for your concern, and please. Keep the feedback coming! 😀

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