Get Ready. There’s Work to be Done!

First, I want you to read this blog entry from helios.  I want you to contemplate that for a while.  I also want you, the reader to note that I walk in different circles than a lot of people.  First, I want you to check this out.  One of the people who said yes in that small poll was myself.  One other person has cut the velvet chains from their wrists, thus effectively unshackling themselves.

About four of the forum members on the Jack Blood forum have started to think about it.  The seeds were planted long ago.  Three more are seriously considering it.  That makes a potential of seven people who could very well make the switch given enough time.

Now read this.  This is a newly formed forum on the Prison Planet website.  There are even a couple of people who are seriously thinking about walking away from the boys and girls in Redmond.  Prison Planet is an online news site run by Paul Joseph Watson, who is a talented writer.  However, who owns that site overall?  Alex Jones, who lives in Austin, Texas.  Somebody in the FOSS community tried to approach him, but to no avail.  Suffice it to say…….. stuff happens.  Upon finding out, it ultimately dawned on me who needs to be the focus of the discussion first and foremost: you.  That’s right.  You there.  Reading this blog post here and now.  You may want to take a look at this.  It may not make sense at first, but give it a day or two.  It will come to you.  I promise.

Your head must be spinning right now.  Are you alright?  You look awfully confused there.  That’s perfectly alright.  For a jolt of cold hard reality that you can definitely understand, take a look at the latest entry from helios.  Slowly.  Read it word for word.  I’m talking verbatim here.  When you’re done, ask yourself, “Am I angry yet?  Am I pi$&@# off yet?”  You need to be, for poor Ed was not the only one taken advantage of.  The computer industry has become like the cheap car industry, where a buyer is hustled to the newer model, only to find out that it was rotting on the inside.  Oh, and by the way, the engine is about to fall out completely, and those tires….. you don’t want to know where they’ve been.  Bait and switch, fake repair, and bait and switch some more.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: the fun has just started.  I will give you a hint.  I don’t care where you stand politically right now.  This is something that will affect, and ultimately hurt, all of us!  Wait until Monday.  It will start making sense for all of you.

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  1. Ah but you forgot to include the fact that most computer manufacturers put in faulty power supplies or insufficient ones. I just can’t stand these companies that demand the publics’ trust. They don’t deserve it.

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