Letting the cat out of the bag Ultumix The Ultumite Linux Distrobution!

Ultumix [WWW] https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultamix

Ultumix is a new idea for the Linux community. The idea here is to allow users to directly complain about the problems in all the distros and tell us about the Features they want that are in or are not in any of the distros. The end result will be a mix between Ubuntu / Vector Linux / and PCLinuxOS. This mix will have the following key features:

1. A version without a bloated kernel striped down like Vector Linux to run with only 64 MB of RAM 2. Automaticaly installs most common features that everyone agrees should be included with Linux but does not auto start these apps until the user specifies that they do. 3a. Allows for Debian, RPM, Windows Executables, and regular soruce code to be compiled and installed on one distro. 3b. Has the ability to install a Server / Desktop kernel as an update. 4. Have a Media Center Based version that has LinuxMCE installed on it. 5. Have a Server edition that has only server components but can have desktop components added later from the same package manager.

In short it will have everything the user wants and nothing that they don’t.

I need help accessing the CVS repositories and uploading the CLFS that we will base this on.

It will run on x86 x64 and PPC. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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