Ubuntu Studio… A Forwarning…

It’s not looking good folks.  Plenty of audio tools, but little in the way of video.  The main problem is that most of the video applications that I’m trying aren’t working very well.  So expect a very harsh review of Ubuntu Studio to come very soon.

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  1. I found a very useful video editing software package that can edit both video and audio seperatly and apply a lot of affects. The name begins with a C. I need to go back to my computer and get the name but I have used it before and you can record your digital camcorder to your computer, manipulate the sound, add a sound file, add effects and transitions. Finally you can make a video file that you can use. I give this project an B+. The problem is that you can’t seem to put labels in even though that function is listed. It works better than Kino or those other video programs in that it does not freeze or crash and it also has the effects and audio tools you need.

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