Revere Radio Network to Die…. Or is It?

I used to be a host on that network.  There were some good moments, and bad ones to be for sure.  However, it’s gone silent recently, so… I’d like to say this.

I’m stepping up to the plate!

I know I have the ability to keep the dream alive.  It was that very dream that caused me to wake up and realize that certain media activists were not true activists, but pot stirrers.  I remember when I first realized that Robb Revere was not my enemy.  It felt surprisingly good that he thanked me for giving him a tip on New Orlean’s last blogger (during Katrina).  Then in December of 2005, I get a private message on the Revere Radio forum:

“You want a show?”

I was surprised.  I really was.  I talked to him over the phone, and I decided I would give it a go.  After all, if they really were the Worldwide Home of Free Speech, I would test them on that.  Not once was I censored.  Not once!  I remember my buddy list on my IM increase at a rapid rate after losing what I thought were two friends, who as it turned out, were never true friends in the first place.  It was a quirky network, and I was let go at the beginning of this year.  I may be on TruthNet Radio now, along with Justin Breithaupt, who has one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever encountered.

Robb Revere extended his hand to me back in 2005.  Now it’s my turn.

Robb, I’m extending my hand to you.  There have been some things done that I do not agree with, but the past is the past, and time heals all wounds.  Give me a shot.  Give me a chance to keep the dream alive.  I do not wish to see Revere Radio die, because I’ve seen it’s potential first hand.  It’s had quite the impact.  I know that mainstream media is corrupt.  I know that it’s all the media outlets run by corporations that are the problem and not just Fox.  That’s why I’m here.  I want to entertain, educate, and empower people from all walks of life.  I know that others out there wish to do the same.  Give me a chance.  Let me see if I can’t run a radio network.

I don’t want the dream to die.

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