Microsoft is accepting donations from the open source community

From The Highly Unreliable Times,

As you will see below I was using Windows Vista Ultimate
in VMWare and I needed to do a screen capture so I
opened and it said it needed to upgrade. I did it
knowing that it may be adding DRM but oh well. After the
update it asked me to donate to the project
using Pay Pal and “We ask for a minimum donation of
$10.00 U.S” . So if they get donations from everyone that
uses Vista or gets it on their PCs then they will have a lot
of money! They seem to want to get more money out of
the open source community. Since Microsoft wants to
sell Linux why not give away open source software with
their commercial Linux operating system? So now if
Microsoft can convert Windows Vista completely over to
Open Source and sell it then they can get us to do their
work for them. On the other side of this equation if
Microsoft is bound by GPLv3 then we as a community can
do the same thing in reverse. We can use Microsoft’s
open source software and give it away for free. So I’m
not seeing how Microsoft is going to succeed here by
trying to become Open Source? This program comes
already installed on Vista Ultimate.

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