The Microsoft XBOX 360 Display Model Paralyzes Wall Mart in Lewiston Idaho!


Update 06/27/07

Originally I assumed that the XOBX 360 was taping into the Wall Mart network. Thomas during the show talked about RF signal interference. I don’t see how a Wall Mart half the size of a Costco Warehouse could have all of it’s systems affected by WiFi interference. The biggest red flag for me is that most cell phones won’t even work in the store normally because of all the florescent lights and other interference. Another red flag is if it was interference the whole store should not be affected but just devices within 50 feet of the unit. I mentioned how the machine was shielded by the metal shelves that are below, above, behind and beside the unit. The main cash registers for the store are on the other side of the shelf and should not be affected by this interference. So that pretty much only leaves one other explanation. The XBOX 360 must have tried to use the network to connect to and manage all printers and network devices it could. Normally you would think it would share these devices with the rest of the network but in this situation it would seem that the XBOX 360 itself would become the printing and file server for the entire store. The network probably is not configured to use an XBOX 360 as the server so it probably just didn’t know how to compensate with the XBOX’s network dictatorship.

Original Post:

Today 06/25/07 I went into the Wall Mart in Lewiston Idaho and looked at the video game displays in the electronics section. I noticed the XBOX 360 was not on. I said out loud in a sarcastic tone “Owe, the Microsoft XBOX 360 crashed again”. The lady at the counter behind me said “We can’t turn it on”, she explained that if they turn it on all the computers and printers in the store including cash registers stop working. I asked her if it was hooked into the network since it was just a display model that was plugged in to power and the TV. She told me the WiFi and Bluetooth got access to the network and rendered it useless. From what I understood the XBOX 360 was getting access to all the devices on the Windows network and controlling them. What I didn’t understand was why it was not sharing them? If I can get more answers on whats going on here I will tell you, but for know we can safely say that the XBOX 360 is great for taking down businesses that use Microsoft networks with WiFi or Bluetooth devices. I also informed the woman working at Wall Mart about how if you move an XBOX 360 that is running it will put a ring in the disk and ruin it and possibly ruin the XBOX itself. She hadn’t heard of this but many proud XBOX 360 users have told me this.

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