Upcoming Changes.

This change is effective immediately: When broadcasting on TruthNet Radio (Tuesday nights at 7 – 9 PM Central Standard Time), 9/11 will no longer be discussed, period.  Only two exceptions will be made.

  1. If it is about the first responders, medical care, and raising money for said medical care.
  2. If it’s about any members of the 9/11 “Truth Movement” migration away from Microsoft based systems.  Their sites can be plugged during that time, but that’s it.

So why is this being instituted?  If there are certain theories deemed “too extreme” by a good chunk of those who question the official story, then I see no point in discussing the topic at all.  Now does it mean I’ll go all Art Bell on everybody and only have on those who support the official story talking about how it’s true, etc. etc…?  No.  The topic will not be discussed on the program, period!  End of subject.  Once people get their heads out of their rear ends and stop calling each other liars (there is a difference between being a liar and being opinionated and wrong) then maybe that will change (not very likely right now though).  I would like to thank my co-host Justin for his professionalism throughout the last show and Killtown for being willing to talk about his adventures in migration-land.  🙂

Upcoming Podcast.

I’m figuring out the logistics of it at the moment (how to set it up and everything else).  Justin pretty much has figured out how to record Skype calls on his end, so that would be great (don’t know how it would work now since I’m running Debian 4 at the moment… hey, it’s stable, and I like it!).  It’ll likely be through TalkShoe!  🙂

New Forum

I’ve wiped out phpBB.  It’s easy to set up, but riddled with holes that allow more spambots to come in than hookers trying to murder Fidel Castro.  So needless to say, that’s gone now, and Simple Machines Forum is being used instead.  We’ll be launching officially this Monday, so don’t worry about all those links that don’t work for the forum.  They’ll be changed soon enough.

Next Issue of THE *NIXED REPORT!

The CD-ROM will be made available soon via lulu.com.  Of course, the first issue can be read online for free as well.  I am looking forward to this taking off.

All in all, not much to report on at the moment, but I do have plans on writing one article a day (even Saturday and Sunday), even if that means a weekly wrap-up, etc.  Finally, more research needs to be done in preparedness and survival.  After the horrors of Hurrican Katrina (and some people being trapped in a sports stadium), I think it would be a great idea if people knew how to survive any form of disaster whether it’s simply a fact of being lost or if it was a nuclear disaster (explosion).

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