GPLv3 might just be a little bloated with Anti-tivoization.

I agree with Linus Torvalds here.

Well apparently TIVO and Linus Torvalds don’t like the Anti-tivoization in GPLv3 and this causes a problem. GPLv3 makes it so Microsoft can’t use Linux without giving their software away to the Open Source community and keeps them separate which might be a good thing or it might not but Linus Torvalds seems to think that there is a problem with the license too. So TIVO is afraid because they use LINUX and according to GPLv3 they would have to make their whole system open so that people could re flash the hardware and change it and improve it. TIVO wants control. This sounds similar to Microsoft to me. Anyway there are a lot of articles out there about why Microsoft and SUSE’s partnership isn’t bad but what they seem to miss is that you have to pay for SUSE Enterprise and that SUSE will lose money because they are paying Microsoft all kinds of money all the time. They got a one time payment from Microsoft for sealing their intellectual property but what good is that in the long run? I say people have their priorities wrong. We still need open source and we still need it separate from Microsoft. Microsoft is charging rent on Vista. Imagine if they charged rent on SUSE Linux as well? I know Microsoft want’s to copy Linux’s business strategy because it’s a winning one.

By putting Microsoft’s software in SUSE and paying Microsoft for it they are hurting other distros because everyone will move to the more stable than Vista SUSE that they can still use Microsoft software on. Microsoft will sell SUSE software. This is not good at all. This is why I think we should split these companies up or fuse them together for good by making Microsoft agree to GPLv3. If they can clean up GPLv3 so that it only achieves this and every thing in GPLv2 then I think we will have a winner. We need to take out the Anti-tivoization. What do you think Linus? I think that GPLv3 should not hinder TIVO but that the Linux community should find a way to hack the TIVO. I mean the Linux community has found ways to hack other machines like the XBOX. And if Microsoft says Linux is a cancer then why are they fusing themselves with it? the new GPL would absorb proprietary software for the better! I say clean up GPLv3 and put it out!

The FSF is even talking about having two licenses and that could get harry. Leaving the GPLv2 and v3 out there. I think this is a big mistake and so do others. Lets just have one good GPL that protects everyone from Commercial companies and proprietary software.

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