Will Howard College in Big Spring, TX Choose Vista or Linux?

I think all teachers owe it to their students to teach them how to use the best software despite the fact that the teachers don’t want to learn a new OS. I understand the need to know how to maintain Windows systems but as far as using Microsoft based software to do your work when there is a free solution that is free of Viruses, Blue Screens of Death, and DRM is beyond my comprehension.
I don’t want to badmouth this college because many colleges go threw this every year but I do want to make them aware of this problem. I hope that soon all colleges will be teaching Open Office, GNU cash, and Linux. Why people think Linux is only good for servers I don’t know. I have just been informed that they have used NetWare for 10 years at this college and are thinking about switching to the Linux side of Novell because of the machines they have. You can also send a direct link to this post to other colleges if you agree.

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  1. Dear Howard College,

    I am writing to inform you that the decision you make for your students will have a dramatic effect on the future of this country and the future teachers at your college. I am aware that you currently are leasing software from Microsoft known as Windows Vista. Did you know that according to the Agreement you signed with Microsoft you agreed to allow Microsoft to use KVM over IP or Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (remote control and access) as mentioned here to monitor your computers and allow or disallow the use of software they think is appropriate for you to use including their own software. This is why when you disconnect your Laptops from the internet you have to re-register them. I realize as an experienced IT business that as teachers you do not wish to learn any kind of new system that might be less or more complicated. I know that you are considering moving to Novell and SUSE Linux. This is a huge mistake. The reason is not because Linux is a bad program or interface but because Novell and SUSE have sided with Microsoft and are trying to direct people and money in Microsoft’s Direction. Now you might think that there is nothing wrong with Microsoft’s intentions for you and your students and if you do I encourage you to read this . If you don’t take responsibility to set an example for your students and learn how to use this new free software that allows you to do what you want, how you want, when you want without agreeing to not share software then I fear that the future leaders and teachers of this country will be doomed to repeat what you are doing. Macintosh computers are expensive and will cost you a lot of money. Microsoft licenses cost a lot of money and it takes a lot to keep it running right. Linux just works. Here is what IBM says about Linux. So if you want to teach your students to be under the dictatorship of a company that uses FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) to drive customers to them then please continue supporting Microsoft and Novell. And what do I gain from all of this? Well since it’s free software I just gain the peace of mind that I have helped to promote a free and open minded environment where people can learn freely without cost.

    Sincerely Your Friend,

    Justin Breithaupt
    CEO Computer Rescue

  2. fuzion says:

    Howard prepares local students for local jobs… In 3 years, I have yet to see any business running *nix or Vista. Everything here runs either NT or Win2k3 Servers with Win2k or XP workstations. It’s just supply and demand. Local businesses demand Microsoft training, and Howard supplies it.
    Optimally, everything would be running of FOSS to begin with. But if that was the case, I would estimate 100 out of 25000 people living here could (or would) use it, and only a handful could administer it. If that were the case however, I could charge a massive premium for my services.
    Long story short, I have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft. Their bugs keep me in business.

  3. True, their bugs can keep you in business. However, Justin Breithaupt has a business of his own, Computer Rescue, in which he supports running Linux-based systems. He assists his customers in setting said system up on their computer, and if they have a question, they call him.

    Also, you may want to take a look this: http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9739128-7.html

    Developers are making apps for Linux-based systems in increasing numbers.

  4. Dear fuzion,

    I’m writing back to you as a concerned individual. Concerned about the fact that most people don’t see the uprising. DELL sells tons of Ubuntu computers to customers all over and the only ones who are recommended to fix them are the folks working at Ubuntu. It’s too bad there are not more support centers starting up. Of course I would not know anything about that because I build new computers with PCLinuxOS 2007 on them and make sure my customer’s Windows programs run on it. Then after everything is just the way they want it I leave. They only call me back in the case of a hardware malfunction. I get letters in the mail thanking me for my service. I know I know you don’t have to fix it and no support is needed and I won’t have any money. True but when they buy their next computer in 3-7 years where will they buy it from? ME! So it’s security. Currently I’m the only one in the area who knows Linux. This means I can drive those Microsoft Techs out of town by offering something better that works as long as the hardware does. Whats wrong with that?

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