New Co-Host Justin Breithaupt / Microsoft forcing Rent Payments and KVM on Schools!

I am pleased to share my experience working with computers. Here is a short list of experience I have. Running my own Computer Business since 2003. Just finished college with degrees in Computer Programming, Computer Repair, and Support. I have worked with computers for many years but I bought my first one about 7 – 8 years ago so I will say I have 8 years experience. I went from using DOS systems in grade school, to using Macs in High School, To using Windows 98 at home on my first super fast 333Mhz AMD 3D Now! computer with 512MB of ram. Man I remember when they never thought we would get past 1 Ghz. Look at us now. Anyway a friend from Microsoft showed me the ways of Linux. I thought it was too hard at first. But after my college explained it to me in detail in class I got it. I’ve been using Linux for about 6 years and have dropped Windows about a year and a half ago. I love testing out new distros and checking out

I enjoy what I do and I don’t believe that Microsoft is doing anything that is productive for other people. I believe Microsoft is self centered and focused on making money. I believe that if Microsoft gets a monopoly on all desktop computers and Linux does not win we will loose our freedoms as a nation. I also believe that Microsoft’s influence threw money has had a negative affect on all the branches of our government; from the Judges that turned their heads when Microsoft stole software multiple times to the TAXES being lowered on the big corporations and raised for the workers all the way to the illegal aleans getting social security and welfare so that they can work for the corporations in the USA. I do believe Microsoft benefits from all of this. My goal here is to clear up the Lies spread by Microsoft and inform people of the truth.

Did you know that now you do not own your copy of Windows Vista that you either bought from a store or got with your computer legally? According to the new user agreement Windows is just on lease from Microsoft and they reserve the right to allow you to use any software at any time that they decide you should use. They also hold the right to keep you from using software. They could make Windows Vista expire every 3 months and charge people rent to access their own data if they wanted to. It looks like Microsoft is finding a way to take advantage of their customers. You can’t listen to your music on too many computers in your house or it just won’t play, you can’t watch your DVDs without paying for extra software from Microsoft that use to be free. This is what we will be talking about. Over 500,000 people have had problems getting their legitimate copy of Windows to register.

I just chatted with someone at a College in Big Spring, TX. He told me that they pay rent on Windows Vista. I will update this page when I get more information from him but for now here is what he told me: “One main problem that we are finding out as a school, with the new Microsoft Agreement when you load Vista, especially on laptops, if they don’t consistently stay connected to the Internet, the registration disappears and you have to re-register the version of Vista about every 3 months. They call this the new KVM licensing program. You can spend extra to get the permanent licensing, however, when you work for a school in a rural area, money is an object.” He said he would try to call in next week. So what is KVM? Well click here to find out. It’s a way to control your PC. So is Microsoft punishing you if you don’t stay connected to KVM by making you re-register your computer every 3 months? You tell me? KVM over IP as described in this article is Remote Control over multiple PCs!

This reminds me of those Future cars that they talk about on the Discovery channel and have already invented that will stop and shut off if you are doing anything dangerous. The way these cars work is if you are going over a certain speed and you come within a certain distance of an object your car turns off, your seat belts come on, and air bags deploy. Doesn’t sound fun on the interstate when there are people behind you! Then there is the computer that looks at your face to see if your tired by monitoring blinking. So if you get something in your eye will the car stop because you blink too much? Hmmm maybe if they put that kind of effort into figuring out how paralyzed people could steer the car by looking where they want to go they would actually come up with a good thing? The cars protect you from yourself and other drivers. OK? Well if it only had 500,000 instances where it went off by mistake and caused crashes you could see how it compares to Microsoft.

If you want to get started with Linux go here:

Anyway stay tuned every week. We are thinking about pod casting shorter non live shows. Hopefully we can just do more Live shows. We will see. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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  1. Thank you man, and great post. Keep everyone updated on what’s happening.

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