Competing Alternative Theories? Hold on There!

So, I mention 9/11 Truth a couple of times, and the question is going to eventually pop up: Am I a part of that movement?  The answer is no, and it’s for different reasons than most.  Here’s why I’m not part of this movement:

  1. Too many people are doing it already: There’s other stuff that needs to be covered, like helping people migrate away from Microsoft solutions among other things.
  2. There is too much infighting pertaining to the theories that are bouncing back and forth.

Reason number two is especially the biggie!  There are those who argue controlled demolitions when it comes to the collapse of the twin towers and World Trade Center #7, but when other people talk about manipulated video footage, and in some cases, no planes hitting those buildings, these individuals are attacked by people who are supposed to be in the same movement.  The fear: the whole movement will be discredited.  There is only one problem.

Those who disagree with the alternative perspectives of 9/11 think that all of the theories are wrong and completely insane.  In other words, it doesn’t matter if you believe that no plane hit the Pentagon, that the second plane had a pod on it and that it fired a missile right before entering into the second tower (or if it was all video manipulation and it was actually a large sized missile or drone), or if the buildings were brought down by a controlled demolition.  You will be laughed at and called a looney.  In some cases you’ll be lobbed bits of hate here and there.

That is ultimately why I am not a part of the 9/11 Truth Movement.  Granted, there are things that do need to be done, such as raising money for the people doing the cleanup who are now sick.  Rudy Gulliani needs to be under more scrutiny pertaining to the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.  However, other people are already doing that.  I have a different role, and very soon, you’ll see what it is when the next article appears on the website.

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