What’s More Powerful Than Linux Haters?????

Thomas Holbrook II | *NIXEDBLOG

Apparently, that would be Maddox himself!

Take a look at this graph from Alexa.  Can you see it?  While Linux Haters has seen some success concerning site hits, they appear to have come nowhere near outdoing Maddox, the smart alec writer who has slammed web designers for not concentrating on content, bashed Apple fans, and tore the iPhone’s hype into pieces.  So why am I noting certain pages published by Maddox slamming Apple twice and Linux Haters in the same blog post?

When I read this entry on Linux Haters, I smirked.  They were going on and on about the evolution of an Ubuntu user.  What was their proposed solution for those frustrated with Ubuntu?  When one initially reads about the Linux Haters, they may think that they love Microsoft products, especially Windows.  So is Vista pimped as the solution here?  Prepare to be surprised.

“At this point, some users wake up and figure out they should just buy a Mac. Others are lost forever.”

Now you know why.  Again, for those who think Macs are the cat’s meow, read what Maddox has to say about Macs in general and iPhones as well.

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