PCLinuxOS 2007

I recently installed it on both eMachines Desktop and Sony Vaio Notebook.  Everything’s looking good so far.  Unfortunately, the GeForce Go 6400 on the Vaio does not like doing Beryl at all (and I doubt it would be any different for Compiz).  On the desktop, Beryl’s working wonders.  My hat goes off to Texstar for the hard work being done.  I think I’ve settled on a permanent distro for now.  😉

That means I’ll have to find a way to acquire extra machines to review, and have distros reviewed upon.  That’ll be exciting won’t it ladies and gentlemen?  If anybody is wanting to throw anything out (it has to be able to run as a system… in other words, no paper weights please..), then drop me a line right here and let me know.  Make sure the subject line reads: Review Systems.  In return, I’ll give you six CD-ROM issues of THE *NIXED REPORT magazine (and yes, my license encourages you to copy and distribute to as many people as possible).  😀
I also did another live show, but didn’t manage to get it recorded.  Mike Chambers of TruthNet Radio is still working on getting me in the automatic archiving, which works due to the nature of Free and Open Source Software (he re-coded his site in plain PHP instead of sticking with a CMS… great work on his part).

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