Quick Update.

Thomas Holbrook II | *NIXEDBLOG

Hey everyone, I figured I would offer a quick update concerning the magazine. I decided to keep everything at $1.95 until the third issue.  Then I will raise the price to $3.95 per issue.  Also, to the person who commented on Justin not following the recommended format, thank you for doing that.  For those who wonder why I allow Justin to post, it is for a few reasons:

  1. I count him as a friend, and I decided to do him a favor.
  2. I want to be as inclusive as possible.  I have offered other people the opportunity to blog here as well.  That offer still stands.
  3. Justin offers a different perspective.  Of course I do not agree with everything he says.  However, the one important thing that can come of him posting is to cause people to think, talk, discuss, etc…. The same goes for me posting.

If you would like to write here, feel free to let me know.

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