Wikipedai Announces: “you have no freedom of speech here” Says Sandstein

The Wikipedia Administrator Sandstein announced on 08:44, 4 May 2008 (UTC) here that “you have no freedom of speech here”. This was totally unexpected. Now I can confirm that what my friends said bout the Wikipedia excluding people was true. I had always been under the impression that anyone could edit the Wikipedia and that it was free and open. I had no idea it was a closed source entity. I can’t find anything in their policy or agreement that explains where I have violated it to be “blocked indefinitely from editing in accordance with Wikipedia’s blocking policy for vandalism” did I spray graffiti on the web page or put up porn? NO! So what did I do wrong?

In their words I:

Used the user name usacomputertec,

Ultumix GNU/Linux is not notable enough to be in a dictionary, (Two references to notability: The LinuxVault and The 2008 Olympus Rally (X-Games Tryouts))

Ultumix GNU/Linux is bad because it is trying to make money? Ubuntu sells support services and I don’t require money so what’s going on here?

Someone used the term “too spammy”. I didn’t spam anything. I wasn’t selling anything.

And they hate my guts (I think).

So what is the alternative? The Open Wikipedia

So if you go to the Wikipedia to post something remember not to put on the wrong colored T-shirt, tie your shews with your left hand, or use anything but Microsoft products or you might start going bald like me. lol.

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