Revere Radio Becoming an FM Station?

Thomas Holbrook II | *NIXEDBLOG

Robb Revere has announced that Revere Radio Network is in the process of becoming a Low Power FM Station.

“We will be able to do so much more with LPFM then ever before. As we have witnessed in towns and communities all across the United States, LPFM intercepts the daily messages brought to you by the mainstream gurus and replaces it with alternative information like you currently hear on Revere Radio Network. It brings people together. It gives people purpose and a sense of inspiration to put down the remote control and pick up a sign saying whatever it is they have to say, and hold it on the street corner for everyone to hear and see.”

The cost for the license is $7,000 and the deadline for completing all of the pertinent paperwork is October 8, 2008. Those who are interested in alternative media, especially Internet radio, that talks about things not commonly discussed on major media outlets, whether or not there is agreement on the subjects covered, may assist Robb Revere in the process by donating to him through their ChipIn widget shown below.

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