The *NIXED REPORT Being Revamped.

Thomas Holbrook II | *NIXEDBLOG

This will likely be cross-posted.  I have updated the website to where it is now a portal.  For now, there will be four sections on said portal:

  • News Area: This is where the Content Management System (CMS) is at.  News from multiple avenues will be posted there.  I will warn you that signing up is intentionally disabled to prevent spam bots from infesting the site.
  • *NIXEDBLOG: The site’s blog, which uses WordPress, will still remain on the website.
  • Forums: Trust me when I say this…. the forums will become more active in the future.
  • WE ARE *NIXED: That’s right.  A link to this blog is on the portal as well.  How is that for keeping things simple?

I have not figured out what software I am going to use yet.  I am torn between and Scribus.  The purpose of the WE ARE *NIXED blog is to chronicle success stories concerning migrations to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) platforms and applications.  It is a very specific focus, and I am currently looking for more authors.  So please let me know if you are interested.  Thank you for your time.

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  1. JJMacey says:


    I’ve just run across your “thing” here, and will get the RSS feed to see what develops. Should you want to beg, borrow, or steal anything from me cruse on over to

    Best Regards,

    Phoenix, Arizona

  2. Thanks for the offer. 😀

    I’ll definitely take a look at your blog.

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