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UPDATE: I have removed the widgets in question, because PayPerPost prohibits “community” blogs, in which there is more than one author.  I want to be inclusive and allow others of multiple talents to contribute, so I am not going to be a part of PayPerPost after all.  So for those who want to monetize their blogs, always read the terms of service first!  Still, I am going to keep this theme, because it allows for sidebar widgets, meaning I could add ChipIn Widgets and other things.  🙂

Greetings all. As you can see in the right hand part of this blog, I am attempting to “monetize” my blog. It won’t be through Google Ads per se, but through a thing called PayPerPost. I can be hired to write on a number of subjects, especially technology and web related stuff. However, to those who like looking at PayPerPost for advertising purposes, I will warn you right now: I am no shill. I won’t do positive only reviews. If your product/service blows, I will say so. Just because I am looking for a way to supplement my income does not mean I am going to mislead my readers, because that would be wrong. So for other authors on this blog, I do have some new requirements for you.

Name required!

In other words, your name needs to be at the top of whatever you post. Look at the top for an example of what I mean. In order to do the pipe symbol, hold down shift on your keyboard and press the backslash key. You will need that between your name and the name of this publication, *NIXEDBLOG. Due to the formatting of this blog (to allow for widgets), it will not always be apparent who the author is without including a name. It does not have to be your real life name. It can be the same as your username. For example, let’s pretend ranger2 is an author on this blog. He can use that exact username as the author name at the top.

The category must be related!

Just clicking check marks is not going to cut it any longer. The category system was meant to make it easier for readers to search for certain posts, not complicate it. So without ado, here are the categories, and what they mean, etc…:

  • *Nix: Anything related to Linux, Unix, GNU, etc…. It could be distro news, and more. As long as it is related to Unix and Unix-like systems. If it is not, do not check that box.
  • Announcements: GNU Consumer Reports would be an excellent example of an announcement (when Justin announced the launching of that blog in particular). If it is not announcing anything from the author of the post in question concerning something the author is doing or the direction of the publication (that will likely be from me), do not check that category!
  • Blegging: This is essentially begging on a blog for assistance. One example would include the fact that I was imploring people to help helios from time to time. If it is not a call for assistance on behalf of someone else, do not check that category!
  • Blogroll: See those links to other blogs? If it is about something from those blogs or aimed at those blogs, check that category! Otherwise, do not!
  • Computer Rescue: Anything related to Justin Breithaupt’s computer business, Computer Rescue. If it is not remotely related to his business, do not check that category!
  • Diggworthy: Saw a news story or an article or blog post you think would do well on Digg? Check that category then, otherwise, leave it alone!
  • Free/Open Source: This can involve commentary and news on projects that are Free and Open Source (FOSS). One could write an editorial about PHPBB for example. Most *nix related posts can have this category checked. If it does not involve FOSS at all, do not check this category!
  • Humor: Jokes and more. That should be self explanatory. If there is no humor, and the post is meant to be serious, then do not check that category!
  • LXer: Whether it involves a commentary on LXer in any remote way, or if the post was submitted to LXer. Otherwise, do not check that category!
  • Magazine: Yeah, I have not gotten back to my online mag just yet. I will soon though. Any posts can be either opinion regarding an issue of THE *NIXED REPORT, or an announcement concerning the magazine in question. Otherwise, do not check that category!
  • MS-SHADYiness: Any news/opinion involving Microsoft’s practices and how shady they may be. If it is nt Microsoft related, do not check that category!
  • Opinion: Very broad. If it is your opinion, feel free to check that category!
  • Political Underground: 9/11 Truth Movement stuff and more…. Anything not in the political mainstream. Otherwise, do not check that category!
  • Review: If you are reviewing a product/service or are linking to one and/or commenting on one. Otherwise, do not check that category.
  • Survivial: Anything related to prepardeness and survivial. No, posting about the ills of Microsoft does not count! So if it is computer related (with no outdoorsy stuff involved), then do not check that category.
  • Uncategorized: If your post does not fall into the above categories, check this one. Otherwise, do not check that category!

I sincerely hope that clears things up. Of course, this means I’ll have to edit every single post so that the name of the author in question clearly shows at the top. Anyhoo, happy blogging!

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