PayPal Update. They have turned to mental warfare.


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Ok PayPal has finally done it. One of their employees has gone insane and decided to post this:


“You people are ALL IDIOTS. You sign up and then you whine! I am so tired of dealing my my CR’s complaining about your stupid idiot calls and now I have to deal with the people calling telling us about this site.

We are on to you! This site is going down. You cannot fight PayPal. We own you and your money. If you people just followed our rules you would have your money today. Our user agreement is very fair and very easy to understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you this site will be down by Friday! You cannot get away with making these accusations and think nothing is going to happen to you. I am sick of you and your stupid website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manager of a REAL company”


You can draw more attention and spread this to others by clicking here.

How do we know it was PayPal? Well we can’t be 100% sure but here is what we do know.

1. PayPal’s escalations specialists are in:

Attention PayPal
PO Box 45950
Omaha Nebraska 68145

2. This guy who posted this has an IP that was traced back to Oneal Nebraska. (he claims he is in WA state)

3. He has been sending all kinds of strange e-mails from the same IP to the owner of the site.

This gives us good reason to believe that this is just an escalations specialist or a manager of the escalations specialists in Nebraska. So why the strange threat? Can the really shut down ? No they can’t shut down but they can try to do something legal to them. However has not put out any slander against PayPal. Hmmm. One thing I can’t figure out is why this guy isn’t defending himself.

I can’t believe PayPal would do something so foolish but then again here is some other things they have done in the past.

You get the picture. However this is not the only web site to get a threat from PayPal

Can PayPal afford to keep fighting this? I don’t think so. Not with all the new alternatives. My new employer is even going to start, and others. 🙂

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And my personal favorite

Click here for full size.

I’m sorry but our skilled professionals using a highly scientific algorithm have determined your account must be frozen.

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3 Responses to “PayPal Update. They have turned to mental warfare.”

  1. a1b1 says:

    “PayPalÂ’s escalations specialists are in Oneal Nebraska”

    Really? I didn’t know that, I only live 30 miles from O’neill, it’s the closest “town” to me (I live 15 miles from a “village”). It’s the town I shop in. I know every business building in town, so I’d be curious to know where they are (or maybe they work from home?). I know one used to be a call center thing, but I didn’t know what for, maybe that’s it…? I didn’t know we had that kind of business around here.

  2. Well in my last recording from PayPal the lady gives out the address.
    Attention PayPal
    PO Box 45950
    Omaha Nebraska 68145 (sorry I got the city wrong I’ll edit that)

    Also the CD I sent there as proof arrived. Label/Receipt Number: 2305 0270 0000 0434 4936
    Status: Delivered

    Your item was delivered at 6:46 AM on February 4, 2008 in OMAHA, NE 68145 to PAY PAL POB 45950 . The item was signed for by J EDWARDS.

  3. a1b1 says:

    Well, you only missed the right town by ~180 miles. Omaha makes more sense for that type of thing.

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