That SICK SON OF A…………!

A person was hurt trying to qualify for the Indy500, and what happens?  Other people are blamed instead.  It sickens me to death to read what an intellectual coward, who hides behind their blog, has written.  Just go to Penguin Pete’s blog posts and read them for yourself.  Allow me to address Pete here and now:

Did it ever occur to you that a person became injured?  Do you even care?!  Were it not for the fact that I am as mature as I am today, I would have broken down and cried, because an honest, decent, human-being WAS HURT!

Do you always hide behind a computer screen?  Do you ever deal with the real world?!  ANSWER ME!  I DON’T HIDE BEHIND MY OWN BLOG!  I LEAVE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS ON MY SITE IN MANY INSTANCES!

Here it is!

I’m serious son!  I really want to know what’s going on inside your head.  Are you so detached from the world that instead of understanding that person was injured and barely escaped death itself, you want to blame people who want to market?  You’re pointing fingers at the wrong people.  I’ve seen that altered photo of Dick Cheney.  I’m assuming you’re against the War in Iraq, right?  If so, is it because our men and women are dying?  If that’s the case, why can’t you show the same compassion for an individual who almost died?  Why must you continue to point fingers and lay the blame on other people?

I really do want to talk to you, and if you hate e-mail…

Yahoo IM: th2techdude

AIM: arakned2000

(I run GAIM, now known as pidgon)

Hey bud!  I’d even (privately) give you my #, and we could hash it out over the phone.

I’m not hiding.  I’m right here.

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