Working on LiGNU…

Yup.  You heard it man.  I am working on LiGNU, which is PCLinuxOS with a face lift.  It is an experiment of sorts, and I hope I do a good job on it.  This may even be a good way to spring into tutorials on how to customize certain aspects of any distribution.  The system itself will have menus that are reorganized to where a user migrating from Windows-based technology can better navigate it.  In addition, important desktop shortcuts may be added.  So here is where you come in.  😀

I am also changing the default HTML documentation for all web browsers.  You know, the local page introducing you to PCLinuxOS.  The layout is fine as it is (and well done I might add… bravo).  What I need to change is the text, some links, and the big banner graphic right at the beginning.  The first two are pretty much a done deal.  I can get those myself.  What I am asking is for a banner that has the word LiGNU plastered right in the center of it.  It must be 760×141.  I am asking about this because I am not the best in the world at graphics manipulation.  If there are not any takers, I will give it a shot anyway.  However, I would like to see if anyone else is interested in showing off their creativity.  Any submissions will be copyrighted by the creator of said submissions, so fear not.  Your work remains your own, but you by submitting your work, you allow me to use it in LiGNU itself.  😉

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