Penguin Pete: I’m calling you out!

Come over here and argue your case.  I won’t delete your comments.  I’ll allow you to look me in the eye so to speak.

So bring it on my man, or are you scared?  I’ll understand if you are….

4 Responses to “Penguin Pete: I’m calling you out!”

  1. Guess_Again says:

    Uh, fine then. I’m here.

    Since you’re all bragging and swaggering, I’ll, uh, call your “machismo”, Esé. I’m just looking for your city, state, and ISP. More than one if you use more than one computer.

    Or, um, are you “chicken”? As you’d put it.

  2. A few days too late I might add, but why city, state, and ISP man? I was calling you out for a debate, which can still be had here if you’d like. As for “looking me in the eyes…,” it’s called a figure of speech. You are confusing indeed.

    Now, if you’d like, we can begin this debate. That is what I meant by calling you out. A more appropriate phrase may have been to say, “I’m Callin’ You On It…” This would imply that I am challenging you to argue your case.

    So go ahead and begin if you’d like, though TUX500 ended, but first…. verify to me that you are Penguin Pete.  You can do so by dropping me a line here:  I won’t go revealing that to everyone.  While I didn’t like the fact that you were blogging away and others involved with something you disagreed with were not allowed to have their side of the story heard, I do respect your privacy.

  3. Guess_Again says:

    Um, well, you appear to be either in Fairfax, Maryland, or, according to your profile over at peoplefor911justice, Warrensburg, Missouri. Using Cox Communications cable modem – those are tough to peg. Firefox, Ubuntu-feisty, blah blah.

    24-year old student, huh? You call me “son”, yet in truth I have a son only a few years younger than you.

    Not to keep you in suspense a moment longer, I have no intention of honoring your lil’ ol’ challenge. Just hunting for data to better screen undesirables from my site. All web admins do that. Especially with people whom a site like distrowatch has already deemed a spammer (going by a previous post here), which is also a great reason not to hand over an email addy.

    I do not feel that I have to answer to you.

    But, somewhere between your 9/11 fascination, your brand new magazine, and your idolization of helios, combined with your age and position in life, I think I can forgive you a little better.

    A wild-ass guess, you got to college through ROTC or other military program? You have that aura of left-over, unfocused rage seeking a new target.

    Notwithstanding, I realize you’re… how you are… through little fault of your own, and even that might wear off later. And this is the only time I’m paying attention to you, but maybe you’ll take my word for that and maybe you’ll desperately leap through more hoops seeking further attention fromme. Which, I feel duty-bound to point out, gives all the power to me over whether to gratify your effort.

    So, carry on on with your site, here, but I’d like to leave you with two thoughts:

    I don’t scare easily.

    Not everything in life is a war.

  4. Okay, I’ll assume it’s you. Notice I did not delte your comments. Also, about the ROTC thing… sorry, but that’s incorrect. I walk in different circles to be for sure, but that does not mean I am going to college on a military program.
    “I do not feel that I have to answer to you.”

    Well, a simple no would have sufficed. 😉

    And just to let you know. Just because somebody on distrowatch called me a spammer does not make me so. Heck, somebody from the Fedora website accused me of mass mailing (problem: mass mailing is when you do it all at once… I was doing it one at a time whenever possible, and were it not for that, I may not have stumbled on BLAG’s website).

    However, what does my personal information have to do with me asking you to come over and debate me? Obviously nothing right? And no, DC Paris did not oversee the project in general. That was Bob Moore and Helios man.

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