Come On. Please, pretty please! Help a Guy Out…..?

It’s only a mere few days away from the 25th of December.  I can imagine it now.  Opening the presents, eating that special dinner, and spending time with the family.  Computers are among the finest gifts as they can promote learning and enrichment of the mind, especially for children.  There are those who can’t afford to get their kids a computer for Christmas, and Austin, Texas is no exception to this.

I read over at the blog of helios how an attempt is being made to help out some kids.  In the double digits mind you.  What Komputers4Kids is doing is amazing.  They’ve been able to pull off miracles thus far, especially with the help of other wonderful, like-minded individuals.  The amount they’ve managed to obtain is useful for nothing more than a little gas money to deliver said machines to the homes of those kids.  So I am asking… no…. I’m begging anyone who reads this to drop by, and donate a buck or two.  Make it at least $5 or more if you can.  I know people over the holidays are strapped for cash.  I understand that.  I just can’t sit idly by as Ken Starks does what he does best: putting the younger generation above everything in his own life, which can have some pretty devastating consequences at times.

Anyone can go to the Lobby4Linux website and in the left-most column can choose an amount to donate.  Keep in mind that if $1 is entered, an extra few cents will be tacked on to cover the PayPal fee.  I know another colleague has had issues with PayPal, but now is not the time to get into it.  Just know that the Lobby4Linux crew has never been screwed over by PayPal (probably won’t be either).

This isn’t about getting a younger generation hooked on FOSS.  It’s beyond that now.  There are kids in Texas who badly need a computer of their own so they can obtain more knowledge at a faster rate.  Has a large corporation such as Dell, HP, Gateway or any other stepped up to the plate?  I don’t think so.  I’ve donated $5 myself.  I wouldn’t be begging of any of you otherwise to help out Ken and his crew.  Let’s show him that we do care.  Think about it.  What if it were your own kids and you yourself couldn’t get them a computer for Christmas or whatever other holiday you happen to be celebrating?

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