A Clarification Post: #000001

It’s odd doing a numbering system, but if you stick with three digits only, sooner or later…. you’ll run out of numbers (999), so… there you go.

Anyway…. There are some clarifications in order. One is just in case people didn’t notice and assumed that this blog has one author only. For those who already knew that this blog has multiple authors, great. For those who did not, no big deal.

There are two main bloggers here.

  1. Justin Breithaupt: He goes under the username “usacomputertec.”
  2. Myself (Thomas Holbrook II): My username is “thenixedreport.”

Just look for either username right under the title of the blog post. Again, I’m not saying that anyone has mistaken two people for the same person. I’m doing this just in case it has happened.

Now, another clarification is in order. First, read this. Scroll through the comments until you see this:

“..maybe it is time to “abandon” the community at large…they seem not a whit interested in making this thing work anyway, (again as thomas says). The problem is getting the word outside of our network of villages (no longer referred to as a community by this author).” –helios

Now here is an interesting question. Should those wanting wider adoption of FOSS abandon the whole movement entirely? Not neccessarily. I was in a mood of sorts (let’s just leave it at that) when I began a discussion with helios over this thing. A better thing to say was this: Preaching to the choir needs to stop now. Many of us out there already know who to market to. We just need to start doing it. In other words:

  • If anyone wants to take the initiative to get wider acceptance and adoption of FOSS, great! For the rest, it’s time to the leave them behind. One shouldn’t force a way of doing things down the throat of another, so why waste time doing so?
  • How often have people looked to the major groups in FOSS to get things started? Isn’t that preaching to the choir? We need to stop doing that.

Don’t like the fact that a profit is going to have to be made in order for FOSS-based businesses to survive? Tough! If you don’t like companies potentially making millions of dollars off of FOSS, then prepare for the slow, agonizing death of your way of person computing, because that is precisely what will happen.

I hope that clears everything up.

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