Ultumix v0.0.0.4 and the Linux Federation

One thing I’ve learned the hard way threw several business deals and by trying to release my own distro is that you should not bash other distros, people, or companies that do you wrong. I know that there needs to be a place like the BBB where anyone can find out the truth about a business or organization. This is not my job. My job is to provide a product that people can use and tell what cool new features it has. I’m even thinking about getting rid of my Microsoft bashing page. Of course I’ll be thinking about that a lot before I do it. PayPal may have stole money from me but I didn’t need to bash their company name by spreading the recordings over the Internet. I should have just reported it to the authorities like I already have and waited for a response. I do find it hard to apologize to PayPal for doing this because I don’t feel like I owe them an apology. I almost bashed another community online because they rejected me. I decided to do this post instead.

In the future I intend on just staying positive and leaving it to others that want to bash people. I’m not saying its right I’m just saying that word will get out. Justice will be served. It’s just not my job to do it.

I know about the distro war that has been holding the Linux community back. Ubuntu is a prime example of this war. (not to bash them just for an example) Their community has made it clear to me several times that they should be the only distro for desktop users to clear up confusion between distros because their distro is the best one and it’s the easiest to use. This is the kind of attitude that will bring us all down. Do I believe that my distro is better than Ubuntu? Yes I do for the purpose of giving my customers what they want. Does Ubuntu have more hardware support? Yes. I would use Ubuntu if no other distro had the drivers I needed. But am I going to say that everyone should use it instead of all other distros and that all other distros should be out of the picture? NO! If it weren’t for Vixta I would have never gotten the idea for the interface, if it hadn’t been for PCLinuxOS I would have never found a stable base, if it hadn’t been for Ubuntu I would have never understood the frustration people have been going threw trying to learn the new GUI (Gnome). I give all the credit for my project to the rest of the Linux community and Jesus Christ. The ideas I had for Ultumix didn’t come from me. These ideas came from other distros and from the knowledge that God has given me. I am very thankful to be a part of something bigger and I don’t ask for credit. All I ask is that you help support the project if you like the distro.

Linux users have a couple complaints about my distro. One is the fact that all the icons for the most commonly used apps are on the desktop making it cluttered, another is that I have bad graphics, another complaint is that I don’t give enough credit to PCLinuxOS.

Windows users complained in the past that in Linux you can’t find the programs your after (thats why I put them on the desktop).

At this point I will accept any constructive criticism but before you complain please add a solution at the bottom of your complaint if you are a non-windows user.

I think that one stable distro that can use all the packages from all distros should bring all the communities together.

Ultumix’s main goal in the beginning was to bring all the distros, repos, and package types together into one distro that everyone could use for whatever purpose they wanted. PCLinuxOS is just a very good base to start from because the packages are so stable and there is an acceptable amount of variety in their repos. The things that PCLinuxOS does not enable you to do threw the GUI is install RPM files downloaded from the net and install debain packages. I would not expect it to allow debian packages to work anyway and that is still a problem in Ultumix v0.0.0.4.

Linux Time line (edited by me)


Download it here

Ultumixscreenshot Ultumix v0.0.0.4 Desktop

After getting all but one bug out of the system (the Grub picture) and making sure I didn’t have any offensive non-free packages installed I released Ultumix v0.0.0.4. Some don’t want me to call it a distro but rather a remaster of PCLinuxOS. Both are correct. Some say that I need to break away more from PCLinuxOS first and thats ok. They can call me a simple remaster until then if they like. It’s like saying GNU/Linux or Linux. Does it matter? GNU/Linux contains GNU Software. Linux is the Kernel. Nuf said.

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  1. Farrell.McGovern says:

    I can sympathize with your problems…I, too, created a Distro, MfxLinux. I based the first version of it on Red Hat, and the second version on Slackware. Originally just a server oriented system, the second version was a combined server/desktop system. As we supported some specific types of hardware, some of which needed additional patches to the kernel, I was constantly building new kernels. I kinda liked do that…but I’m perverse that way. 🙂

    One thing that I found out in building a distro is that you can’t always please everyone all the time. What you need to do is set goals, publish them to the community, and then meet them. If they want something different, let them make the case for it, and then decide if it is something you want to do, and if it would be of benefit to the distro. You can read an article I wrote about the process by googling “Building a Distro” by Farrell McGovern…I wanted to call the article “Building a Mystery”, but the editor overruled me. I guess the editor was not a fan of Sarah McLachlan…

    Anyways, good luck with your distro, I hope you find as much fun and satisfaction as I did creating a distro!


  2. Tom Walker says:

    As a fulltime Linux user, I enjoy reading your views, but would like to tactfully point out 2 glaring English mistakes:
    The classic “your” (a possessive) when meaning “you’re” as in “You are”, and one I’ve never encountered before (in the opening sentence, no less):
    “learned the hard way threw several business deals” when you obviously mean “through”.
    You’ll increase your credibility by avoiding these mis-uses of the language!

  3. Look at the author name. It’s from “usacomputertec.” Look, he has word usage problems, and if you’re basing credibility on that alone, then why bother at all? It’s like saying Einstein’s retarded because he was dyslexic.

    This is a blog, where nobody is perfect. Any piece written by me will have the username: “thenixedreport” on it. I’ve run into people online who are from other countries and can do really great technical things, but their command of writing the English language is not the best.

    Bottom line: There’s more to credibility than minor word usage and spelling mistakes.

  4. Tom Walker says:

    Dear thenixedreport:

    “I enjoy reading your views, but would like to tactfully point out” does not translate to “basing credibility on that alone”.

    The name “usacomputertec” doesn’t tell me the author has word usage problems. The blog entry does.

    Constructive criticism is apparently not in your vocabulary. Cool down and read what my comment said, not what you read into it.

    I happen to be a USA computer tech who is happily married to a school teacher. At age 56, I’m still learning every day…

  5. I’m not upset by your comments here. Of course I’m use to them. I can’t spall that well and it shows. I never have been good at it. 🙂 I don’t think I ever will be. Thomas usually corrects my blog posts.

  6. Tom,

    Thanks for your clarification. With what’s happened to Justin (usacomputertec) lately, I wasn’t too thrilled when I read the point of grammar and spelling. I understand not wanting to read something resembling l33t (too much of that gives me a headache anyway), the point of bringing up such errors is too much of a common practice and has been used by other people in the past as their main point of discrediting other people (and in some cases, the assumption is made that the person’s intellegence must be lacking).

    I didn’t know if you understood who wrote the blog post as this blog (as you’ve figured out by now I’m sure) has multiple authors (two main ones… Justin and I).

    “Constructive criticism is apparently not in your vocabulary.”

    On the contrary. It is. There is an old saying. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. I’ll add one more to that saying: the context of the situation. The same person who kept following Justin around to other venues of communication as if they were on a crusade e-mailed me and was “worried” that Justin was hijacking this blog. They have irritated me and then I read your comment.

    I have read a good number of blogs over the years and very few of them are perfect. I tend to not edit other blog posts unless it’s really, really bad (as in one could not understand what was being said, which happened once if memory serves correctly).

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