So You Have a Problem With Religon Do You? GET OVER IT!

I consider Justin to be an esteemed colleague of mine. He and I do have our disagreements on a multitude of issues. However, not once have I had a problem with his chosen faith: Christianity (of the Lutheran persuasion….. a branch thereof…. I’ll ask him later for an explanation). As a Lutheran, he seems to be morally compelled to help people and he is doing just that. He sells computers with Linux-based operating systems on them.

Recently, he had issues with an online money service that I won’t go into here. Just read some of the older posts to find out more information. He switched to Google Checkout, and recently announced here and on LXer that he was essentially back in business. Combining Google Checkout with Nvu/KompoZer, he has been able to build a functioning page that lists products in a simple manner.

He recently sought some advice on a forum of a popular distribution. Apparently, some people have a problem when someone is honest about their religious faith. I have a few choice words for those who do have a problem with someone declaring your beliefs. Get over it. It’s their site, their views, and their life, not yours. It is especially irritating to discover that it was other people who brought up Justin’s faith on that site, and yet his posts are deleted because of what other users post? Can you say intellectual cowardice? I certainly can.

Here is a person who sees a distro that I have used as a viable solution for their business and attempts to have their business’s page (not site, page) listed, and what happens next? Other people notice that he has content pertaining to Christianity. The claim according to my understanding was that he broke the rules, but guess what? He didn’t bring up religion or politics whatsoever. FOSS is supposed to be about diversity, and yet, in this instance, it is shunned and thrown aside because people have a problem with it.

So here is my response over all:

1.) GROW UP!



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