GIMP Growing Pains, Or…. Would You Like Cheese with that Whine?

After much work was put into it all, the newest GIMP is out. Of course, there have been many changes. However, not everyone is happy. Of course, if you were like ole’ Pete and were born in ’69, you may be old and set in your ways too.

And they’ve added a Red Eye Tool like Photoshop’s, even though it makes no logic because adjusting color levels does the same thing, but requires knowledge. And they’ve put in a “heal” tool which basically does just what paint-with-image-region used to do, but required knowledge. And you have brush attributes like Photoshop’s, because using an image pipe requires knowledge.

So empowering individuals so they can do a set of photo editing tasks in less time is a bad thing?  Yup, that’s Pete for ya’.  Wanting to do everything the hard way.  Unfortunately, unlike him, others and myself live in the real world.  What do I mean?  Take a look at this tidbit I found on his entry in which he “officially” reviewed the latest GIMP release:

My family is heading over to your place for Thanksgiving and we expect nothing but the best. We’re staying over for the whole weekend and don’t expect us to pitch in or clean up. Cuz you’re sooo into sharing, I’m sure you understand. You do all the work and we enjoy the festivies. Then we’re heading out as soon as all the food and booze are gone.
I’ll keep it simple: Photoshop is a tool used by pros. In order for it to perform in a high pressured commercial environment it has to work. Adobe hires highly skilled and experienced people to make sure that the shit works so that other people can get their job done properly.
You know, people who need to earn a living to put food on the table so they can feed their families and not just the freeloaders showing up at their doorstep.

Precisely.  The person who made that comment, geraldo, raised a valid point.  Yes, they’re high on Adobe and their high-priced products ($700+?  And they wonder why people bootleg it…….. duh!).  However, people are in the career mindset, and if developers can’t adjust their product to the demands of those who either use the product or are thinking about using the product or who have tried using it only to be so confused that they felt stupid and said, “Oh, $%#@ it!”  That’s pretty much what happened to me when I attempted to run many of the 8x releases of Mandrake (before it became Mandriva) on my old HP Pavilion N5310 notebook computer with a Celeron 750 MHz processor, 256 MB of SDRAM (upgraded from 128… yes, it ran Millennium, in which I upgraded to 98….. yes, it was meant as a slam), DVD-ROM, 8 MB S3 Savage IX video, integrated modem, USB, and 10 GB HDD.  That model did not like Linux-based systems, and even with the newer releases of Fedora, it still locks up….. the hardware hates it.  Either way though, I realized I wasn’t ready for those type of systems yet.  I had to eventually learn to grow into the new thought process, and I needed a way to transition.

In other words, transition to another way of doing things is easier if the look and feel is Windows-like to a degree.  What that visitor brought up was a fact that needs to be addressed now: people complain, and moan, and gripe, yet what have they done?  Have they attempted to learn enough to write tutorials?  Take it a step further, though.  How many of those who have complained have attempted to enhance any documentation on the software in general?  How many of them have even attempted to learn programming so that they can increase the number of developers for the GIMP?  Whether that visitor realized it or not, the point of asking the question of what the complainers, whiners, gripers, etc… have done lately is perfectly illustrated.  The response?

Reference to sex and whores…… just beautiful.  So, instead of simply complaining for complaining’s sake, I’ll do something better: Why not suggest some features you’d like to see in future releases of the GIMP?  Why not start with getting CMYK support?  Impossible?  Well, if Scribus can do a CMYK check, then so can GIMP!  If you know the languages, jump in and help them out!  If you don’t know of any other way of helping them out, then the least you can do is boost them financially.

To ole’ Pete: Please, man.  Quit whining, and actually help them do better instead of just waisting your time complaining.  I know you’re close to being 40, and set in your ways, but you can still learn new tricks.  😉

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