New Author Announcement: Femacamper…

This is the same individual who started talking about the Digg Bury Brigade, a group of people who goes out of their way to bury articles they do not agree with, and was banned from Digg soon after.  Considering some of the topics they talk about, Femacamper seemed to be a perfect addition to the *NIXEDBLOG.  Enjoy!

Note: This is mainly a reminder to authors who want to write about GNU, Linux, Free, Open Source, etc…. yes, you may promote your articles on LXer, but don’t promote my blog posts.  Why?  Simple: I will have articles separate from my blog that will be more polished than my blog posts (the posts will be off the cuff at times per se, but not unprofessional).  Anyhoo, let’s give a big welcome Femacamper.

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