It use to be that when a Linux program came out it was geared to run on Fedora, PCLinuxOS, SUSE, and Gentoo Linux. This was good because anyone could use it on any distribution. Except for those debian people who insisted on not letting the user compile their own software from the source but only using pre compiled debian packages. Then Ubuntu got more and more popular. Why I still can’t figure out. Now PCLinuxOS is more popular and still most programs are becoming more Ubuntu specific. I tried to join the effort to spread Linux called Ubuntu LoCo but they told me I had to be Ubuntu all the way. No PCLinuxOS users allowed. Now Ubuntu is announcing their newest release in the same way M$ does. They are having parties in every state that I know of in the US. They explained to me that their understanding of all these distributions of Linux with different names is that they just cause confusion and that there should only be one and that that one should be Ubuntu. This way of thinking is completely against the Linux community and is considered to be a closed source way of thinking. So don’t embrace the Ubuntu community. After all they are fueling Linspire thats owned by M$. In effect by supporting Ubuntu you are supporting M$ in a round about way. Just because Ubuntu seems more simple to use because they do everything for you does not mean you should use it. In fact the reason I don’t like it is because it won’t let you do anything yourself. What’s open source about that? Sounds like another M$ company to me. Even if they don’t sell out they will become the next M$ if they continue this destructive pattern of a one world OS. How can people be innovative if there is no competition? M$ can’t be considered as competition in the distro wars because they are not a Linux distro. It’s nice to be seen on the map by Ubuntu but having Ubuntu represent us all to the world is like having a dictator represent the entire world to another being such as God, space aliens, or another entity. The rest of us need to speak up!

Here is an example of what I’m talking about. Converting .rpm packages to debian.

Below we compare M$ to Ubuntu.

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The Ubuntu Argentina LoCo Team is proud to announce that Argentina's
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