Important Announcements Concerning *NIXEDBLOG! (With Updates… Mmmm… Yummy!)

I thought about this one for the past few days.  Due to a not so distant event, I initially decided not to promote anything I did through LXer as I felt I needed to earn the right to do so.  However, due to a recent event, I decided to slightly alter what I am going to do.  I have written articles separate from this blog, and I figured out why it would be a good idea to do so again.  With articles, I have to take my time to make sure things are accurate, as I will have to upload the files to the website in order for them to be published.

For those who are writers for this blog, you will need to pay attention to this next part, as it will apply to everyone else from here on in.

The articles I write that are separate from this blog I will promote on LXer, especially when it pertains to topics that can affect FOSS, but nobody is really talking about them.  Blog posts that I write and post will not be promoted on LXer.  Those who write on this blog may feel free to promote their works to venues such as LXer, but please, please, please…. do not attempt to promote my blog posts on LXer or anywhere else.  That is if you are a writer.  For those who regularly read this blog, while I will consider LXer off limits, you may feel free to promote what you consider to be good writing to other venues, such as digg, etc….

For writers in this blog other than myself, if what you write is very good, I’ll make it into an article on the main site.  How does that sound?  😀

So, keep your eyes peeled, as I’m about to do some more work on the site, and more stuff will be added soon.

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