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Is PCLinuxOS Going Backwards? I’m Concerned.

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Is PCLinuxOS Going Backwards? I’m Concerned. (this is a non-biased post)

I am very concerned for the PCLinuxOS community. A year ago they had a great Linux distribution that any Windows user would gladly switch from. Now however if you try to update PCLinuxOS 2007 (and the new xorg and kernel) it usually won’t continue to boot up. The latest release of PCLinuxOS is Gnome based and as everyone knows Gnome uses an interface and menu that is not recognized by the common Windows User. Of course the official release of PCLinuxOS 2008 will have KDE but there are several mistakes that need to be solved before puttiong out the 2008 Version.

First of all needing to reboot in order to partition your Hard Drive is just wierd.

Second of all you should be able to update the Kernel without a major system melt down.

Third they need all of the Hardware Support that Ubuntu, Mint, and other distros have for the new Laptops and Desktops.

Finally they need to find a way to be more open to their users.

I think maybe the reason that the updates that cause PCLinuxOS to not boot all the way may be a result of configuring the new packages for the Gnome version of PCLinuxOS instead. I am glad the PCLinuxOS community is finally releasing another version after a hole year.

There is a company that followed a similar pattern in development but for a different reason I believe.

First they put out a very solid OS that people enjoyed from 2001 to 2006. Then they tried to replace it with a “better” OS. The problem was no one liked their better OS so they tried to stick with the older one. Now the updates for that OS are causing decreased functionality. This could be because they only design drivers, programs, and updates for their newer OS or it could be because they don’t want people using the old OS. This company is Micro$oft in case you can’t tell. Like PCLinuxOS using Gnome, Mico$oft uses a new interface that confuses people too. It has a strange start menu. They also did away with a lot of the programs in Vista but I hope that has no comparison with the new PCLinuxOS.

Now just for fun why don’t I compare Microsoft to the movie iRobot?

In iRobot you have a story where everyone has a personal robot to care for them that’s 3 laws safe.

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

But USR (that makes the robots) decides it’s time to upgrade to their latest model. They even offer free trade ins. The new Robots are directly linked to Vickie. An AI mainframe that has access to everything. Vickie comes to the conclusion that she can’t trust humans to take care of themselves because of violence and wars. So she bypasses the 3 laws after numerous updates that she gives the robots remotely. Then the robots start imposing curfews and restrictions on humans.

Micro$oft has done the same thing except they charge us to do it. However they haven’t replaced all of the old XP computers with new better Vista computers yet. They need to figure that part out first. Vista has the ability to be controlled directly by Microsoft both legally and physically. XP can’t be controlled legally without consent but it’s still controlled despite the law. Microsoft has started imposing restrictions on what we can do with our computers. Their new user agreement gives them the Legal rite to add or remove access, programs, or files at will without your permission because you already gave it to them to start using Vista. So it’s a matter of time until Micro$oft will control all of their customers. They have already started doing this to colleges. Colleges who pay rent for Vista have their laptops disabled every 3 months for disconnecting from the Internet. They must call and reactivate their PCs.

The XBOX 360 violates the FCC’s Laws. Their wireless remotes and consoles disable all wireless devices within a given radius of over 100 feet. Just plugging one in will give off enough radiation to disable an entire Wall Mart. A Cisco expert said that his tests proved that the XBOX 360 uses all 12 channels of WiFi which is clearly illegal. The amount of radiation coming from the device is dangerous and can cause cancer. I would not want anyone to be within 20 feet of the thing when it is on let alone the wireless remote control.

The difference between the story of iRobot and Micro$oft is that our Government (if following the current trends and history) will condone everything Micro$oft has done. Another example of FCC violations are high power lines. They put out too much radiation and walking directly under them is bad for you. The FCC discovered this but it would cost too much for the Power Company to put a fence between the poles on both sides and to make a protective tunnel underneath. So we have High Power Lines right out in the open.

Komputer4Kids Winter Drive!

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I am attempting to do my part in helping Komputers4Kids out.  How?  See that widget below?  You can either donate through said widget or using the widget itself, you can copy the widget onto your site, blog, MySpace, etc…..  Take a look at the newly created fund raiser page as I will be adding more and more campaigns.  😉

Come On. Please, pretty please! Help a Guy Out…..?

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

It’s only a mere few days away from the 25th of December.  I can imagine it now.  Opening the presents, eating that special dinner, and spending time with the family.  Computers are among the finest gifts as they can promote learning and enrichment of the mind, especially for children.  There are those who can’t afford to get their kids a computer for Christmas, and Austin, Texas is no exception to this.

I read over at the blog of helios how an attempt is being made to help out some kids.  In the double digits mind you.  What Komputers4Kids is doing is amazing.  They’ve been able to pull off miracles thus far, especially with the help of other wonderful, like-minded individuals.  The amount they’ve managed to obtain is useful for nothing more than a little gas money to deliver said machines to the homes of those kids.  So I am asking… no…. I’m begging anyone who reads this to drop by, and donate a buck or two.  Make it at least $5 or more if you can.  I know people over the holidays are strapped for cash.  I understand that.  I just can’t sit idly by as Ken Starks does what he does best: putting the younger generation above everything in his own life, which can have some pretty devastating consequences at times.

Anyone can go to the Lobby4Linux website and in the left-most column can choose an amount to donate.  Keep in mind that if $1 is entered, an extra few cents will be tacked on to cover the PayPal fee.  I know another colleague has had issues with PayPal, but now is not the time to get into it.  Just know that the Lobby4Linux crew has never been screwed over by PayPal (probably won’t be either).

This isn’t about getting a younger generation hooked on FOSS.  It’s beyond that now.  There are kids in Texas who badly need a computer of their own so they can obtain more knowledge at a faster rate.  Has a large corporation such as Dell, HP, Gateway or any other stepped up to the plate?  I don’t think so.  I’ve donated $5 myself.  I wouldn’t be begging of any of you otherwise to help out Ken and his crew.  Let’s show him that we do care.  Think about it.  What if it were your own kids and you yourself couldn’t get them a computer for Christmas or whatever other holiday you happen to be celebrating?

Ultumix has some new cool stuff!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Ultumix has the illegal lame, and win32 codecs removed and has the newest PCLinuxOS Kernel and Xorg 7.2.0-1. I also included Kormair fonts for Cambodia. This way we can give this distro to a new country. The latest drivers (except ALSA and x11 openchrome) have been installed and updated as of 12-18-07. There are new icons on the desktop to further simplify the user’s experience. The IRC chat has been fixed and there should be more people in there more often. If you use Ultumix please leave the IRC chat open when you are at your computer so that you can help answer other people’s questions. Also don’t e-mail me with hardware problems. Put them in the Forum. If your having a problem chances are someone else has the problem too and is looking for the solution also. I don’t want to send out separate e-mails over and over. The new mouse theme is a plus. Users that want something different will like it and elderly will be able to see it better (tested on the elderly). I also went ahead and included the downloaded biblical texts so that users would not have to download them. This way in foreign countries they can hand out DVD-Rs with an OS that has the Bible in English already on it. If they want another language they can download it. I’m not going to use all the disk space for all the languages of the Bible. That can wait for the Christian Edition. The current ISO is 2.8Gbs.

The Software Story

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

I’ve been under heavy fire latley from the Linux community all over the internet about Religion and Linux. The one statement that really stuck out was when some guy asked “What does Relgion have to do with Linux?” I know this sounds like a question that would stump most people right? Well Here was my responce.

“What does Linux have to do with Christianity?

Well it’s simple really.

Linus Torvalds created a better Operating System that he could use. He didn’t think anyone would really use it but he made it anyway. Then he decided that he would share it with the world if anyone wanted to use it. All that he required was that you share it with anyone who asks you if they can get a copy.

Jesus Christ gave up his luxury in Heaven and comfort to be born on earth as a little child in a horse trough or manger. He came to offer salvation with the hope that at least one person would use it. He chose to take on all the pain and suffering that everyone deserved as well as the guilt and shame. He was and is blameless but for the time he suffered and took our place he was looked on by everyone including God as though he had committed every crime, and he felt that guilt. All that he requires of us is that we accept his gift and share the news of it with others.

So you see weather or not Linus Torvalds is a Christian is irrelevant here. What is reliant is the spirit of sharing and sacrifice. Besides Christianity uses the Internet and programs in Linux to spread the word and educate people. A lot of Christian organizations have not been reached by the Linux community and are still using Proprietary software because we don’t reach out to them. So why not? Is this what we really want? To leave the Christian community in the darkness and blindness of Proprietary software and licenses? If he is without God then how great is that darkness.”

Now I had one reply in my forums that I deleted and had the writer correct the grammar and spelling errors due to popular demand. EdwinStar should be posting it back in the forum soon.

The Software Story

Hi Everyone,

About 4 years, or more like 7 years, ago — I can not remember when it started, I blocked it out of my mind every day for YEARS — I started to come under conviction for using and sharing the computer. …Before Linux came along… I wanted to live right, but it seemed like some computer related laws would not let me. …Before Linux come along… You see, it wasn’t really the computer at all that was the problem, nor the software written for it, but the legal issues surrounding the software written for it, that was the problem! It’s called copyright laws. …Before Linux came along… You see, I was a born-again, Holy-Ghost-filled, washed-in-the-Blood, Sanctified, baptized-in-Jesus-Name, Bible-believing, walking-with-God, Church-going, Christian. …Before Linux came along… Now, I must have installed this Micro$oft software 100,000 times on 10,000 computers only paying for it, maybe 4 or 5 times at the most! And I never did been caught!! …Before Linux came along… Or did I get caught? God was convicting me every time I booted another computer for the first time, after installing all that wonderful software I had copies of. Micro$oft Windows, IBM Dos, MS Dos, DR Dos, etc, etc, etc, and the list goes on and on and on. …Before Linux came along… I had hundreds of thousands of illegal copies of software programs to share with my friends and neighbors — all for free, and I never got caught!!! …Before Linux came along… God was starting to talk to me about this “pirating” of software that I was getting all messed up in. …Then Linux came along… And I continued pirating all this wonderful software I had at my disposal, because I thought Linux was too hard to use yet. …Then, SimplyMepis 6.0, Linux came along…I didn’t think I was breaking the law, or should I say, I blocked it out of my mind that I was breaking the law. …Then, PCLinuxOS v.92 Big Daddy, Linux came along… Linux was getting easier and easier to use and God was starting to convict me more and more! …Then, SimplyMepis 6.5, Linux came along… and kept coming… and coming… and coming along!! I was now so convicted, and felt so bad, that I finely started to use Linux as my primary operating system more and more!!! I felt better for the first time in a long time about my computer addictions! …Then, PCLinuxOS v.93 Big Daddy, Linux came along… But, I backslid and went back to law-breaking again (BTW, breaking the copyright laws in software is law-breaking, in case you don’t know it)!! …Then, PCLinuxOS 2007, Linux came along… And God was convicting me more and more and more!!!…Then PCLinuxOS 2007 Final Linux came along… Now, I consider myself very lucky that the FBI hadn’t broke down my door and confiscated all the thousands of illegal copies of software I had by now, along with my 4 or 5 legitimate copies to-boot, and thrown my happy butt into prison for a very, very long time, by now! …Then lots more Linux distros came along… All the time Linux was getting easier and easier, and better and better!! BTW, Linux IS free — REALLY!!! …Then Linux came along… God was convicting me even more. I could not live for God, go to Church, or call myself a Christian anymore! …Then Linux came along… Now, God obviously provided a way for me to use the computer completely legally!! This was through the great solutions of things called Open Source Software Foundation, GNU, and GPL/Linux!!! …Then Linux came along… Therefore, now I can be that born-again, Holy-Ghost-filled, washed-in-the-Blood, Sanctified, baptized-in-Jesus-Name, Bible-believing, walking-with-God, Church-going, Christian again! — if I want to be!! …Because Linux came along… So, you see — for me — sense Linux came along, I can feel so much better about my computer addictions!!! I can not separate God from Linux — ever — in the Open Source community, ever! …Because Linux came along… I can now live a little closer to God!! …Because Linux came along… I even think that God Almighty Himself has chosen the free GPL/Linux operating system, along with all the other GPL/Linux software that so FREELY comes along with it, as thee foundation for His followers all over the world to use!!! …Now Linux is around… At least this follower will, from now on and for evermore, will happily use GPL/Linux based software as thee primary choice to feed his computer addictions! …Now Linux is around… I also think that God Almighty Himself uses Linux only, and that He is the One who got this GPL/Linux software revolution where it is today in the first place!! …Now Linux is around… Nevertheless, I will give Linus Trovalds credit for being the vessel God used; and Richard Stallman credit for being the vessel God used as well!! …Now, Ultumix Linux 2008 Final Pre Release, Linux is around… You see, when something is needed, God will provide it, for His followers, and for the whole world — He will provide it — whatsoever the need is — He will provide it!!! He always has provided, always will, and it never ends. …Now Linux is around… And Linux will keep coming and coming and coming around! Now, this might not sound like a religious experience for you, but it sure is for me!! …Now Linux is around… Because now, sense God and Linux are around… the computer communities all over the world, us hackers/users, have something, and Some One, to help us feel a whole lot better about the addicting computer revolution that is hitting the world right now!!! …Now Linux is around… So, for me, Linux is a religion, always has been, always will be, and will never end! God too!!

I will never have a problem with religion being mixed into Linux stuff. Like two peas in a pod, they are so much alike. Not a problem with me at all. Even in a “World without end”. amen

…Now Linux is around… And Linux is going to keep getting better, and better, and better!!! amen


Sorry about the looong paragraph, I just could not see where to break the story up. 🙂

If you want to use Linux go to

Thank you Justin Breithaupt, for getting the MindBlowingIdea to remaster PCLinuxOS 2007 Final into an even greater distribution. Ultumix Linux 2008 Final Pre, it’s as solid as a rock!

Thankfully and humbly yours,


Unfair Business Practices.

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Take a look at this gem, and you’ll no longer have to wonder why the iPhone is going to tank.  I find Apple’s behavior quite terrible, and they deserve to have their product tank.  Why won’t I own an iPhone?

  1. It’s a frickin’ phone!  I want to dial the numbers and talk to a real person.
  2. I don’t care about “browsing the web.”  If I want to do that, I go to a real computer to do so!
  3. Playing music sounds great, but I’d rather do it on a real computer, not some overblown brick that’s over-rated.

Keep an eye on this one, ‘cuz I’m following up soon.  😉

No Refunds at even under 30 days!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

When buying certain items on like laptops you are signing an agreement that says that you can not return the item for a refund ever even if it’s damaged, under 30 days, is not as described, or whatever. You can however get a replacement item. In layman’s terms if you buy something under this agreement (I think it even applies to CPUs) you are married to that item for better or worse in sickness and in health tell life does you part. The only way you can get rid of it is to throw it away or sell it.

My uncle bought an ASUS laptop that had a non functioning Ethernet port. ASUS said that would have to refund me because they would refund Still haven’t heard back from them yet. The laptop is now considered over priced at $1,200 when it’s ACER counter part is only $700.00. This is America and we have certain rights. These corporations have the right to take those rights away from us by getting us to sing agreements that we really don’t want to read.

Ultumix V0.0.1.1 with added graphics and less complaints?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007


I had to release this version because I was violating the GPL and other licenses in the previous version because what I was stating was misunderstood. So now I have released the politically correct, graphically enhanced, genetically altered, and morally sound version (drum role) . The video on my site is fuzzy and out of focus and if someone could do a better one I would appreciate it. I would even replace the one I have with it. I need people to help me by submitting feedback to my forums on Don’t be afraid to flame me there I won’t ban you unless you decide to use foul language or try to make others angry.

The Pirate Responds.

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

I didn’t know if he would respond, but he did via e-mail.  Maddox, the owner of “The Best Page in the Universe,” had stated that there was no 9/11 conspiracy, when I had countered that no matter who did it, the attack had to have been a conspiracy due to the number of people (more than one) and that his argument concerning the ability to kill anyone who questions the official story had no strength to it.  His e-mail is split into block quotes with my response underneath each portion.

I think everyone at this point knows what the word “conspiracy” means in  context of 9/11.  Obviously when someone mentions a conspiracy, they’re almost always talking about the controlled demolition/no missile/star wars laser program/pod theory that the “truthers” won’t shut up about.  Not the fact that 19 hijackers are literally conspirators.  But thanks for clarifying.

It may seem to be obvious, but one important point has been ignored: the use of the word conspiracy.  Conspiracy involves more than one person, period.  The question being asked is who was involved in the conspiracy, not if there was a conspiracy, so to say in the title there was no conspiracy is still incorrect, no matter what the context is.  The second error made is the lumping together of different theories.  Not everyone agrees with every theory.  Some advocate controlled demolition, while others talk about the no-plane theories (not to be confused with the hologram theory).

As for killing Dylan, you make a good point if you ignore the part of my argument where I said:

The US government has the capability to monitor every electronic communication made anywhere in the world, yet we’re expected to believe that they wouldn’t be able to nix this kid long before his video ever became popular?

The question isn’t whether they could kill him, but should they?  Assuming a crime is committed, do you kill anyone who may have discovered something that could link a criminal to a crime?  If it was small and private, such a thing could be possible, but where a large government and large event is concerned, would it be a wise thing?  Probably not, especially since there are those openly opposed to films such as Loose Change and who scrutinize the arguments that 9/11 was an inside job.

If you google all the materials that go into making a fertilizer bomb, and then you start googling blue prints for the Empire State Building, truck rental companies, etc, etc, you can bet your &#$ that you’ll have the NSA snooping your lines (if they aren’t already).  If you don’t believe that our government has this capability, do some research.  Read a book called “The Puzzle Palace.”  Don’t be so naive.

The assumption of being naive is not only silly, but absolutely false.  I am well aware of the NSA’s ability to wiretap and spy on multiple communication fronts, especially due to legislation such as the Patriot Act.

So presuming they have this capability, if there was a conspiracy (I’ll let you guess which conspiracy I’m talking about; here’s a hint: look up the word context), then as soon as Dylan started researching the type of engine at the Pentagon, or the PNAC commission statement, or controlled demolition information, it would have raised the same red flags it raises when you search for bomb-making materials in their intelligence systems and they could have offed him long before his video got popular. Even if they somehow fell asleep at the wheel and let his video slip through the cracks, they could have captured it as soon as a few hundred people saw it.  It wouldn’t be hard to contain or track down those people because they could have confiscated his server logs, reverse traced the IP addresses to the people who own them, and killed every single one of them too.

Now here is another problem I haven’t pointed out yet.  In order to possibly consider killing Avery, he would have to be the only one who questioned the official 9/11 story.  He wasn’t.  There are plenty of groups of people who question many different aspects of the story.  There’s even a group that apparently consists of architects and engineers.  These groups may have sprung up after Avery’s film, but there was also people before Avery who questioned the whole event.  There was even an individual who predicted that there would be an attack on July 25, 2001 just months before an attack took place.  Hijacked planes and Osama bin Laden’s name was dropped.  So before killing Avery, others before him would have to be killed too, right?

Sounds too far fetched?  Dylan’s arguing that the government killed at least 3,000 innocent Americans, and potentially hundreds of thousands more indirectly in Iraq, so what’s a few more to the government?

Wake up.  Stop defending this trashy amateur conspiracy $*#&@.

Asking what’s a few more is an old argument at best, and again, it’s not a matter of could it happen (from the perspective of those who believe that 9/11 was an inside job), but should it happen.  Just so you know, there are others formerly of highly respected positions in life who are also questioning the official 9/11 story, such as Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst during the Reagan and Senior Bush administrations.

Also, when we’re talking about the government, would it be the entire government, or a few inside the government betraying the country?  Many individuals who  ask these questions concerning 9/11 are doing so because they see it as the root cause for passage of the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq.  If the official story were to fall apart, then credibility for the war on terror itself would fall apart.  The last I checked, many of these individuals who are questioning the official story would hardly qualify as amateurs.  There are even family members of the victims of that fateful day who question how the attack took place and how the defense system of this country failed.  So here’s a hint or three:

  • Jim Hoffman’s response to Popular Mechanics:  Makes the same point concerning steel and jet fuel that I am going to make now. Steel can lose strength at certain temperatures, but we would need to know how long it takes for the transfer of energy to occur from a fire to the metal itself.  If there is only a small amount of fire, then it might be argued (from the alternative perspective) that it wouldn’t be enough to cause an entire building to not only collapse, but to turn to dust.
  • An odd statement from NIST itself.
  • New York City Activist: They often respond to Screw Loose Change directly.

Ultumix Linux 2008 v0.0.1.0 Final Pre Release Is Out

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

TUX Ultumix v0.0.1.0 2008 Final Pre Release

Welcome to Ultumix Linux OS. The OS designed for Windows users by previous Windows Users.

Go to to get the latest copy via Torrent (recommended) or FTP. If you want to know more about Ultumix Linux Click the FTP link and open the .pdf in your browser or read the summery on the web page. We also will have a video demo up on our site shortly. 🙂 Ultumix v0.0.1.0 is very stable. I haven’t had any problems with it yet. Please let me know about any issues you may have in the forum. Moderators are needed for the IRC chat. Ultumix Linux is a remaster of PCLinuxOS and the source code can all be found in the PCLinuxOS repositories and in the packman project.